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All members of The National Association of Special Education Teachers, through an agreement with the American Academy of Special Education Professionals, will now have free access to an online peer reviewed research journal in special education, the Journal of theAmerican Academy of Special Education Professionals (JAASEP).

The Journal of the American Academy of Special Education Professionals (JAASEP) is an online peer-reviewed journal committed to advancing the professional development of special education professionals through research, policy, and practice.  JAASEP is a multi-faceted electronic journal that seeks new contributions based on original work of practitioners and researchers with specific focus on or implications for the field of special education.

The content ofJAASEPis likely to be of interest to college or university faculty, school administrators, educational evaluators, psychologists, special education teachers, psychiatrists, medical doctors, directors of special education services, directors of early intervention agencies, infant-toddler service coordinators, transition service coordinators, speech and language pathologists, occupational and physical therapists, educational lawyers, and all other practitioners and professionals in the field of special education.

We hope that you take the time to read the professional literature provided. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please contact us at: news@naset.org

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Table of Contents

JAASEP Editorial Board of Reviewers

Educational Leaders’ Perspectives on their Preparation, Practice, and Professional Development in Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

Jodi Drury, Michael P. Krezmien, Kristine A. Camacho, and Alicia Gonzales

Where is the Paraeducator Content in Introductory Special Education Textbooks?

Sarah N. Douglas, Denise J. Uitto, Sophia D’Agostino

Classroom Membership: What Does That Mean Exactly?

Dr. Katie Heath

Teaching Middle School Students with Disabilities to Solve Multi-Step Equations using the Hands-On Equations System

Thomas C. Hendrickson, & Annemarie Horn 

The Impact of a Community-University Partnership Program on Special Education Teacher Training in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Emily R. Shamash & Alyson M. Martin

The Practices of Teachers in the Development of Post-Secondary Skills in Students with Learning Disabilities

Sara Taylor

Using Social Stories to Decrease Negative Behaviors in Students with Autism and Other Disabilities

Vivian C. Williams

Using Technology-Based Interventions to Improve the Social-Communication Skills of Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Nicole Anthony & Cynthia Wooten

Association of Intellectual Risk Taking with Science Achievement of Gifted Students and Comparison of their Intellectual Risk Taking in Different Grades and Gender

Mustafa Serdar Köksal, Esra Açikgül Firat & Gamze AKKAYA

Applying Empathy Curriculum to Enhance the Role of the Paraprofessional for Students with Multiple Disabilities

Christopher Russel & Soribel Genao

Teaching Children with SMA 1 to Expressively Communicate Using Augmentative and Alternative Communication Systems: Extending Functional Communication Teaching Using a Model of Verbal Behavior

Cheryl Ostryn

What School Psychologists Should Know About Multiple Sclerosis

Ashley N. Phillips & Denise E. Maricle

Increasing Independent Toileting in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Other Developmental Disabilities: A Systematic Review

Vicky G. Spencer & Meghan Ello

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JAASEP Editorial Board of Reviewers

Short-Term Fun or Long-Term Outcomes? The Effects of Authentic Pedagogy on the Dispositional Development of College Students Learning about the Educational Needs of Children with Disabilities

Laura Bassette, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Ruth Jefferson, Ed.D., Matthew Stuve, Ph.D. & Anthony Mangino, M.A.

Parental Perceptions of the Transition to Adulthood for Their Children with Disabilities

Megan Gross, B.S., Annamayil Manohar, B.S., & Katherine K. Rose, Ph.D.

“Everything Now Falls on Me”: Parent Perspectives on Services Lost and Challenges During Virtual Learning for Youth with Disabilities

Elizabeth G. S. Munsell, MS, OTR/L, Ariel E. Schwartz, PhD, OTR/L, Elizabeth K. Schmidt, PhD, OTR/L & Jennifer Chen, PhD, OTR/L

The Efficacy of Rhyme Instruction in Early Childhood Special Education

Lisa A. Pufpaff, Ph.D.

Legal Issues and Parent Rights for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students with Disabilities

Valeria Yllades, Claudia Dunn & Jennifer B. Ganz

What the Medical Doctor Knows: Medical-Educational Partnerships for Success

Michelle Curtin, DO, FAAP & Christine Raches, PsyD, HSPP, BCBA, IMH-E

Students as Causal Agents: Engagement in Course Selection

Ms. Cathy Haarstad, MS, Dr. Evan Borisinkoff, Ph.D., & Ms. Rhonda Weathers, MS

An Examination of the Correlation Between Administrator Teacher Support and Teacher Self-Efficacy Level

Shiradon H. Kirk, Ed.D, Aarek W. Farmer, Ed.D & Charles Vires, Jr., Ph.D

Enhancing Self-Determination for Students with Complex Communication Needs using the Self-Determined Learning Model of Instruction

Sheida K. Raley, M.Ed., Karrie A. Shogren, Ph.D. & Kathryn M. Burke, Ph.D.

Individual Education Plans and Teams: Principals' Roles and Responsibilities

Emily N. Rutherford, EdD. & Rachel Brown, PhD

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JAASEP Editorial Board of Reviewers

Fluency Matters: An Outline to Students Becoming Fluent Readers Using Research Based Practices in Under an Hour: A Quasi-Experimental Research Study

Nicole Vozza

Quality of Life for Individuals with Disabilities During the COVID-19 Pandemic 

Shannon L. Sparks & Sang Nam

The Influence of Teaching Assignment on Burnout in Special Education Teachers

Shannon B. Romano, Olivia R. Hester, Lauren H. Rollins, & Randall E. Schumacker

Retaining Special Education Graduate Students in Times of Transition

Karen M. Potter, Randa G. Keeley & Breanna L. Sherrow

Is Practice in a Mixed-Reality Environment Better than Role Play for Promoting Implementation Fidelity of the Constant Time Delay Procedure for Special Education Undergraduates?

Melissa E. Hudson

From the Golden Rule to the Platinum Rule: Strategies for Advancing Toward Cultural Proficiency for Special Educators

Rebecca D. Daigneault & Evan D. Borisinkoff

Answering Wh-Questions with the Support of Graphic Organizers: Effects on 8th Graders with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Karin R. Kliemann, Miriam C. Boesch & Endia J. Lindo

Investigating the Journal Impact Factor of Special Education Journals Indexed in the Social Sciences Science Edition from Web of Science 

Funda Örnek, Ruben Miranda & Metin Orbay

Experiences of a Student with Learning Disability in Science: Supporting Students to Enhance Learning

Allison L. McGrath & Marie Tejero Hughes

The Role of Effective Communication in Co-teaching to Increase Student Achievement

Kayla Y. Fells

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JAASEP Editorial Board of Reviewers

What Parents Tell Their Post-Secondary Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities about Money

Joanne Caniglia, Yvonne Michali, Michelle Meadows, & Davison Mupinga

The Perceived Effectiveness of Using Mindfulness as a Strategy for Special Educators in Coping with the Stress of their Work Environment 

Lisa Ciraldo

The Influence of Introductory Coursework on Preservice Teachers’ Sense of Self-efficacy Towards Teaching in an Inclusive Classroom

Moriah Smothers, Tori Colson, Nina Yssel, & Linda Taylor

Insights Gained from Special Education Pre-Service Teachers Interviewing Paraprofessionals

Rob Schulze

Experiences of Special Educators in Creating Opportunities for Students to Practice Self-Determination

Kaitlyn M. Millen, Lori Y. Peterson, Jason Robinson, & Timothy M. Luff

Examining the Effectiveness of Fidgets on Attention of Elementary Students with ADHD

Leslie A. Mathews, Kimberly J. Osmani, & James E. Martin

Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Cross-cultural Variability in Personal Identity

Dr. Aftab Khan & Dr. Michel Ferrari

The Development of AISSEND: An Observation Tool to Assess Inclusive Practices 

Randa G. Keeley, Rebecca Alvarado-Alcantar, & David W. Keeley

Exploring Factors Related to Burnout among Special Education Teachers in Specialized Schools

Dr. Oksana Huk & Dr. Brian Cesario

Services for Young Children with Disabilities in Romania in the Post-Communist Era

Luminita Hartle, Amanda Quesenberry, & Sharon Doubet

Progress in Education for Students with Intellectual Disabilities in Saudi Arabia: Evaluating Status

Khalid H. Alshamri

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JAASEP Editorial Board of Reviewers

Effects of Mass Trials versus Distributed Trials During a Shared Story Reading for Students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities

Mona Nasir-Tucktuck, Joshua N. Baker, Cori More, K. Ryan Wennerlind, and Stephanie Devine

A Pilot Study of a Self-Determination Curriculum on Secondary Students 

Brent A. Askvig, Melissa Naslund, Evan D. Borisinkoff, and Rebecca Daigneault

Student Voices: A Qualitative Self-Awareness Study of College Students with Disabilities

Chen-Ya Juan, Penny L. Cantley, James Martin, and Brad Mays

Effects of Physical Activity on Executive Function of Children with ADHD

Jeffery L. Hart and David Phillips

Inclusive Book Club: Perspectives of Undergraduate Participants

Shawnna Helf, and Debra Leach

Constructivism, Zone of Proximal Development and Target in a Multi-Dimensional Classroom

Bradley Johnson, Ph.D.

Playgrounds for “All” Children

Sharon E. Rouse, Rose B. Jones and David W. Walker

Challenges to Collaboration, Inclusion and Best Practices within the Special Education Community

Cecilia Scott-Croff

Use of Visual Performance Feedback to Increase Teacher Use of Behavior-Specific Praise among High School Students with Severe Disabilities

Michelle L. Simmons, Robin H. Lock, Janna Brendle, and Laurie A. Sharp

Empowering Refugee Families of Students with Disabilities

Sadia Warsi, and Karen Fitzgerald

Individual Education Plan Considerations for Online Learning: Accommodations

Carolyn L. Berenson

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JAASEP Editorial Board of Reviewers

A Systematic Review of Video Modeling Interventions to Improve the Independent Living Skills of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Intellectual Disability

Kaylee S. Wynkoop, Daniel R. Wissinger, and Matthew Van Horn

What Challenges do Special Education Teacher Educators Encounter While Preparing Novice Special Education Teachers?

Laurie A. Sharp & Frank Goode

Services and Supports for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Siddiq Ahmed, Morgan Chitiyo, and Mohamad Al-Jaffal

How Parents of Students with PANDAS or PANS Perceive the Educational Process

Patricia Rice Doran and Elizabeth O’Hanlon

The Changing Role of the Itinerant Teacher of the Deaf: A Snapshot of Current Teacher Perceptions

Holly F. Pedersen and Karen L. Anderson

Augmentative and Alternative Communication in Classrooms: Special Education Teacher Competences

Rashed A. Aldabas

Overcoming Adapted Physical Education Barriers through Collaboration among Special Educators and Administrators

Scott W.T. McNamara, Lisa Silliman-French, Valda Morgan, and Tammy L. Stephens-Pisecco

Perceived Effectiveness of Classroom Management Interventions with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Darlene Desbrow

Theory to Practice: Implementation Achievements and Challenges of Response to Intervention in a Rural District

Brenda L. Barrio, Kira J. Carbonneau, Marcus Poppen, Darcy Miller, Michael Dunn, and Yun-Ju Hsiao

General Educator Perceptions of School Support in Teaching Students with an IEP

Faith Kenny

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JAASEP Editorial Board of Reviewers

Use of Projective Techniques in Emotional Disturbance Evaluations

Ryan A. Allen, Timothy Hanchon, & Bradley Bornancin

Developing Culturally Responsive Transition Plans Using the Indicator 13 Checklist

Meungguk Park, Morgan Chitiyo, Changdeog Huh, and Waganesh Zeleke

An Assessment of Perceived Antecedents to Attitudes of College Students towards Children with Autism

Anthony M. Denkyirah, Yaw Nyadu Offei & Emmanuel K. Acheampong

Exploring the Effects of the AutisMate Application on a 12 year-old boy with ASD: A Case Study

Natalie G. Wall, Julie Ivey, and Karen Frederick

Addressing the Need for Progress in Special Education:  Understanding Endrew F. and the Role of Special Educators

Laura Kern, Heather Peshak George, Lauren L. Evanovich, and Stephanie Martinez

Creating Self-Efficacious Special Educators through Mentoring during Teacher Preparation

Mary M. Lombardo-Graves

Challenging Behavior in Students with an Intellectual Disability: Promoting Understanding and Compassionate Educational Practice

Evelyn Bilias-Lolis and Alyson M. Martin

Exploring Preservice Teachers' Perceptions of Preparedness to Teach Students with Disabilities

Linda M. Reeves, Rebecca M. Giles, and Todd Johnson

But… How Helpful is That?  Parents’ Views on the Helpfulness of Selected Resources When Making Educational Decisions for Their Young Children with Disabilities

María Isolina Ruiz, Linda Flynn-Wilson, Lauren Giovingo, and Philip G. Wilson

An Investigation of Co-teaching to Improve Academic Achievement of Students with Disabilities: A Meta-analysis

Mickey Losinski, Sara Sanders, Robin Parks-Ennis, Nicole Wiseman, Jessica Nelson, and Antonis Katsiyannis

Evaluation of the Rhythmic Arts Project, a Multi-Modal Rhythm-Based Perception and Action Intervention, in a School-Based Setting in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Beth A. Smith, Eddie Tuduri, Emily Mostovoy, Denise Pannell, and Chris Landon

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JAASEP Editorial Board of Reviewers

Responding to the Endrew’s Decision: Measuring Meaningful Educational Benefit

Deborah W. Hartman

Social Skills for Students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities: Can Community Based Instruction Help?

Carissa Hernandez, M.A. & Saili S. Kulkarni, Ph.D.

Mobile Hearing Screening in a Rural Community School in Ghana

Anthony M. Denkyirah, Yaw Nyadu Offei & Emmanuel K. Acheampong

An Investigation of Special Education Preservice Teachers' Perspectives and Practices of STEAM Education

Ashley Gess, Ph.D.  & Nai-Cheng Kuo, Ph.D.

Increasing Teachers' Use of Behavior-Specific Praise with the Teacher vs. Student Game

Renée E. Lastrapes, Ph.D. , Jennifer N. Fritz, Ph.D. & Robert C. Hasson, Ed.D.

Building Independence Through Self-Prompting with Technology

Dana R. Reinecke, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Meeting the Needs of Students with Disabilities: Characteristics of Universal Design of Instruction in Odds-Beating Middle Schools

Heather Kurto, M.S. Ed., Kristen C. Wilcox, Ph.D. & Kristie Asaro-Saddler, Ph.D.

Social Skill and Self-Advocacy Goals: An IEP Study

Gregory W. Smith, Ph.D., K. Alisa Lowrey, Ph.D. & David Walker, Ed.D.

Perspectives on Current Practices and Barriers to Training for Paraeducators of Students with Autism in Inclusive Settings

Emily Eyrolles Sobeck, Ph. D & Rachel Robertson, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Poverty and Learning: The Effects of Poverty in the Classroom

Dr. Jessie S. Thacker-King

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JAASEP Editorial Board of Reviewers

Understanding the Removal of Classroom Auditory Distractors: An Interactive Design

Gregory W. Smith, Ph.D., Audra I. Classen, Ph.D., Paul J. Riccomini, Ph.D., & Robyn R. Brewer, Graduate Student (BCBA Program)

Communication in Support of Students with Disabilities Attending Career Technical Education

Christine Powell, Ed.D.

Strategies for Supporting Students Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders in STEM Education

Amelia K. Moody, Ph.D., Dennis S. Kubasko, Ph.D. and Allison R. Walker, Ph.D.

Gifting the Ungifted: Disproportionality of Minority Students in Gifted Education

Nicholas Catania, M.Ed.

Prompting with Wearable Technology to Increase Teaching Behaviors of a Preservice Special Education Teacher

Andrew M. Markelz M.Ed., Jonte C. Taylor Ph.D., Mary Catherine Scheeler Ph.D., Paul J. Riccomini Ph.D., & David B. McNaughton Ph.D.

“How Am I Doing?” Teaching Children with Emotional-Behavioral Disorders to Self-Manage Their Behaviors

Lael Tensfeldt, M.A., Amory Verroulx, M.A., BCBA & Jennifer N. Mahdavi, Ph.D, BCBA-D.

Developing Peer Mediated Interventions for Secondary Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

Danielle Feeney, M.Ed.

Fostering Reading Motivation in Self-Contained Classrooms for Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

Heidi R. Cornell, Ph.D.

Exceptional Gifted in West Virginia: Reflections of a Teacher of the Exceptional Gifted on the State Program

Dr. Patricia Coon

The Effect of a Skills-Based Behavioral Program on Raising the Self-Concept of Individuals with Mild Intellectual Disability in UAE

Dr. Ousha Almheiri

Democratic Citizenship Education and Inclusion: Preparing Preservice Teachers for Inclusive Social Studies

Dennis J. Urban, Jr.

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Table of Contents

JAASEP Editorial Board of Reviewers

Social Skills and Students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities: Can Community Based Instruction Help?

Carissa Hernandez, MA and Saili S. Kulkarni, Ph.D.

Supporting Students with Disabilities During Group Activities: Five Tools Every Inclusive Mathematics Educator Needs

Benjamin S. Riden Ph.D., Andrew M. Markelz Ph.D. and M. Kathleen Heid Ph.D.

Using an Alternating Treatment Design in a Co-taught Classroom to Measure Student On-task Behavior

Randa G. Keeley, Ph.D.

A Whole Language Reading Intervention: A Case Study

Matthew Glavach, Ph.D. and Warren Pribyl, M.A.

Common Purpose, Uncommon Results: A Literacy Collaboration for a Preschooler with Down Syndrome

Chelsea T. Morris, M.Ed. and Rachel J. Chidester, M.S.

Educational Policy: Instruction and Assessment

Christina M. Sorrentino

Increasing Use of Research-Based Practices: Action Research Report on a College-School Partnership to Support Instruction Aligned to Middle School Common Core Math Standards for Students with Significant Disabilities

Katherine Trela, Ph.D., Wendy Gladstone-Brown, Ed.D., Norah Merritt, Ph.D. and Leah Raftis, Ed.D.

The Impact of Assistive Technology on Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Systematic Review

Angela Bollin, BS TR, CTRS, Julia VanderMolen, Ph.D and Taylor Bierwagen

Effects of Video Modeling and Video Modeling Plus Prompting and Reinforcement on the Daily Living Skills of a Student with Autism

Kaylee S. Wynkoop. Ph.D., Rachel E. Robertson, Ph.D., BCBA-D and Emily E. Sobeck, Ph.D.

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JAASEP Editorial Board of Reviewers


The History of Behavioral Treatments in Autism: From the Punitive to the Positive

Jennifer L. Suppo, Ed.D.

How Early Experiences in a Kindergarten Classroom Shape the Development of Self-Regulation Skills of Children

Eloisa Darcy, Ed. D., Sarah Sarette, Ed. D., Anna Boghigian and Marley Martin

Mothers’ Perspectives and Experiences of Speech Generating Devices

Yeunjoo Lee, Ph.D. and Luis A. Vega, Ph.D.

Teachers' Pedagogical Competence in Adapting Curricula for Children with Learning Difficulties (LD) in Primary Schools in Ghana

Abdul-Razak Kuyini Alhassan and Chigorom Okechukwu Abosi

Parents are the Experts: Understanding Parent Knowledge and the Strategies They Use to Foster Collaboration with Special Education Teams

Colby Kervick, Ed. D

Examination of Social Story Format on Frequency of Undesired Behaviors

Robyn Thompson, Ph.D., and Susan S. Johnston, Ph.D.

Preparing Early Childhood Educators for Blending Practices in Inclusive Classrooms

Mary Donegan-Ritter, Ph. D. and Frank Kohler, Ph. D.

Pre-Service Teachers Assisting the Transition of the Student with Autism from School to Adulthood

Jeanne Hager Burth, Ed.D.

Pre-service Teacher Self-Efficacy for Teaching Students with Disabilities: What Knowledge Matters?

Brooke Browarnik, Sherry Mee Bell, R. Steve McCallum, Kelly Smyth and Melissa Martin

Variables Affecting the Amputees' Reactions Artificial Limbs in the Kingdom of Jordan

Mezyed Al-Adwan, Yahya Najjar, Maha Hdaib and Monadel Al-Khateeb

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JAASEP Editorial Board of Reviewers


How Expert Special Educators Effectively Negotiate Their Job Demands

Shawna P. Ortogero, Ph.D., Rhonda S. Black, Ed.D.  and Bryan G. Cook, Ph.D.

Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment: A Promising Postsecondary Transition Practice for Building Self-Determination among Students with Intellectual Disability

Amy L. Cook, Ph.D., Felicia L. Wilczenski, Ed.D. and Laura Vanderberg, Ph.D.

Improving Outcomes for Students with Disabilities: Identifying Characteristics of Successful Districts

Melissa DeVries, M.Ed. and Oran Tkatchov, M.Ed.

A Comparative Study of Teachers’ Pedagogical Competencies in Supporting Children with Learning Difficulties in Primary Schools in Ghana and Brunei Darussalam

Okechukwu Abosi, Ph.D, and Abdul Razak Kuyini Alhassan, Ph.D.

A Case Study of Factors that Influenced the Attrition or Retention of Two First-Year Special Education Teachers

Marquis C. Grant, Ed.D.

Significant Outcomes in Case Law in the United States: Autism and IDEA in 2013, Transition Issues and Changes in Diagnostic Evaluation Criteria

Doris Adams Hill, Ph.D. and Jonte Taylor, Ph.D.

Effectiveness of Pearson’s SuccessMaker Mathematics for Students with Disabilities

Steven K. McKissick

Teachers’ Methodologies and Sources of Information on HIV/AIDS for Students with Visual Impairments in Selected Residential and Integrated Schools in Ghana

Samuel K. Hayford and Frederick Ocansey

Managing Asthma in Elementary and Middle Schools: Adherence to Federal Laws and National Guidelines

Ethan J. Schilling, Ph.D., Stacey Neuharth-Pritchett, Ph.D., Yvette Q. Getch, Ph.D. and A Michele Lease, Ph.D.

Use of Social Narratives as an Evidence-Based Practice to Support Employment of Young Adults with ASD: Practitioner’s Guide

Jamie Thomas, M.S. and Susan Nix, M.Ed.

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JAASEP Editorial Board of Reviewers


Examining the Attitudes of Secondary General Education and Special Education Teachers Toward Inclusion of Children with Autism in General Education Classrooms

Morghan E. Bosch, Ed.D.

Action Research Report: Using Objects to Increase Reading Comprehension in Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities

Sheila Bravo

The Redundancy Effect on Retention and Transfer for Individuals with High Symptoms of ADHD

Victoria Brown, David Lewis and Mario Toussaint

Guidelines for the Administration of Educational Programs for Students who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Visually Impaired, or Deafblind

Susan Bruce, Kay Ferrell and John L. Luckner

Teaching Reading Comprehension to Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Social Studies Classrooms: Middle School Teacher Perceptions

Lisa Burke, Wu-Ying Hsieh, Norma Lopez-Reyna and Kathryn Servilio

General Education and Special Education Teachers’ Attitudes Towards Inclusion

David A. Hernandez, Susan Hueck and Carmen Charley

Steps to Becoming Independent: Toilet Training Challenges Facing Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Andrea Belyea, Herbert Neely and Julie P. Jones

Leadership Style of Head Teachers of Basic Special Schools as Correlates of Retention of Special Needs Educators in Southern Ghana

Felix Kwame Kumedzro, Nelly Otube, Chomba Wamunyi and Mary Runo

Revisiting the Regular Education Initiative: Multi-tiered Systems of Support Can Strengthen the Connection Between General and Special Education

Debra Leach and Shawnna Helf

Effects of Inclusion Classrooms on Academic Achievement of Students with Learning Disabilities and Students in General Education

Sharon Ware

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JAASEP Editorial Board of Reviewers


The Implications of a System-Wide Positive Behavioral Intervention Initiative: From Design to Successful Implementation

Vance L. Austin, Micheline S. Malow, Nikki L. Josephs and Andrew J. Ecker

Creating an Environment for Pre-Service Teachers to Work with Learners with Special Needs

Jeanne Hager Burth, Ed.D.

Are We Ready to Have Teachers with Learning Disabilities? A Study of School Principals' Observations

Heidi Flavian, Ph.D.

Follow-Up Study to Family Members’ Reactions to the Initial Special Education Meeting

Dr. Lawrence Ingalls, Dr. Helen Hammond, Mr. Carlos Paez and Mr. Ivan Rodriguez

Perceptions of Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Towards Their Partnerships with Teachers

Yun-Ju Hsiao, Ph.D.

Brain Gym: Pseudoscientific Practice

Kevin Kroeze, BAE, Keith J. Hyatt, Ed.D., And M. Chuck Lambert, Ph.D.

Housing and Independent Living for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Debra Leach, Ed.D.

Using the “ASKED” Model to Contrive Motivations and Teach Individuals with ASD to Ask wh-Questions in Natural Settings

Cheryl Ostryn, Ph.D., BCBA-D, LBA

An Analysis of Factors Influencing Low Enrolment and Retention of Girls with Disabilities in Integrated Primary Schools in Embu County, Kenya

Njeru Idah Muthoni, Dr. Nelly Otube and Dr. Samson Rosana Ondigi

Employing Case Study Methodology in Special Educational Settings

Angelise M. Rouse, Ph.D.

Retraction Statement

Author Guidelines for Submission to JAASEP

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JAASEP Editorial Board of Reviewers

The Effects of Special Education Training on Educator Efficacy in Classroom Management and Inclusive Strategy Use for Students with Autism in Inclusion Classes

Lynn D. Parsons, Ph.D., Heather Miller, Ph.D. and Aaron R. Deris, Ph.D.

The Effectiveness of Using a Social Story Intervention to Improve Social Interaction Skills of Students with Autism

Mohammed Al zyoudi, Oshua Al Murhairi, Enas Olimat and Abedsalm Al zyoudi

Preventing and Responding to Student Escalation: Combining De-Escalation Strategies and Function-Based Support

Chelsea Martel and Brian Cavanaugh, Ed.D.

Teaching Sam to Read: An Integrated Team Approach with One Child with ASD

Gail Coulter, Ph.D. and Roger Sasnett, Ph.D.

High Stakes Testing in the 21st Century: Implications for Students in Special Education

Lola Gordon, Ed.S.

Identifying and Correcting Barriers to Successful Inclusive Practices: A Literature Review

Marquis C. Grant, M.Ed., Ed.D. and Kimberly Michelle Jones-Goods, MPS, Ph.D.

Cameras in Self-Contained Classrooms: Legal, Professional and Student Implications

Ashlee Ivie

Effects of an Intervention on Math Achievement for Students with Learning Disabilities

Vivian D. Kitchens, Ph.D., Aaron R. Deris, Ph.D. and Marilyn K. Simon, Ph.D

Crossing Borders and Building Bridges: A Video Ethnography of Special Education in Nuevo Progresso, Mexico

John Lowdermilk, Ph.D., Mrs. Julie Pecina, Cheryl Fielding, Ph.D. and Mrs. Lisa Beccera

Evaluating and Using Literature Including People with Disabilities in All Classrooms

Mary Ellen Oslick, Ph.D. and Mary Pearson, Ph.D.

A Pilot Examination of the Adapted Protocol for Classroom Pivotal Response Teaching

Aubyn C. Stahmer, Ph.D., Jessica Suhrheinrich, Ph.D. and San Diego State University

Principals and Teachers’ Attitudes Towards Inclusion in Israel

Dr. Itay Hess, Dr. Sara Zamir and Ben- Gurion

Author Guidelines for Submission to JAASEP

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JAASEP Editorial Board of Reviewers

Elements of Good Teaching and Good Teachers: A Theoretical Framework and Effective Strategies for Special Educators

Vance L. Austin, Ph.D

What Factors Contribute to Self-Efficacy

Hildy Straus, Ph.D., Rhonda Bondie, Ph.D.

Co-Teaching and Collaboration: Preservice Teachers’ Knowledge, Attitudes, and Perceived Sense of Efficacy in Teaching Students with Disabilities

Tamara M. Bowlin, Ph.D., Sherry Mee Bell, Ph.D., Mari Beth Coleman, Ph.D. & David F. Cihak, Ph.D.

Creating a Common Table: Using Peer Mediated Intervention to Promote Social Communication Skills with At-Risk and Autism Spectrum Disorder Populations

Dr. Lesley Craig-Unkefer & Dr. Jennifer Loncola Walberg

Home-School Collaboration for Students with ASDs: Parents’ Perspectives

Mary A. Houser, Ed.D., Charlotte L. Fontenot, Ed.D., & John Spoede, Ph.D.

Validating an Observation Protocol to Measure Special Education Teacher Effectiveness

Dr. Evelyn S. Johnson & Dr. Carrie L. Semmelroth

Teaching Play Skills Through the Use of Assistive Technology and Instructional Strategies: A National Survey

Susan S. Johnston, Ph.D. & Robyn M. Thompson, M.S.

Student Outcomes in a Blended Preschool Program

Sybil A. Keesbury, Ed.D.

A Meta-Analytic Review of Tactile-Cued Self-Monitoring Interventions Used by Students in Educational Settings

Dr. Dennis McDougall & Dr. Cecily Ornelles

Teachers’ Knowledge of Special Education Policies and Practices

Pamela Sanders, Ph.D.

Author Guidelines for Submission to JAASEP

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JAASEP Editorial Board of Reviewers

Learning Disabilities Today: An Examination of Effective and Not-So-Effective Interventions

Vance L. Austin

Teaching Algebraic Equations to Middle School Students with Intellectual Disabilities

Joshua N. Baker, Christopher J. Rivera, Joseph John Morgan & Noelle Reese

Students with Disabilities in the Polish Educational System After the Political Changes (2007-2012)

Danuta Apanel

FAPE and LRE in Online Learning: Special Education Directors’ Perspectives

Diana Greer, Ph.D., Danna Harvey, M.S., Paula Burdette, Ph.D. & James Basham, Ph.D.

A Preliminary Investigation of the Benefits of Computer-Aided Instruction in Reading Decoding for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Other Developmental Disabilities

Doris Adams Hill, PhD, BCBA-D& Margaret M. Flores, PhD, BCBA-D

Perspective Taking Through Film: Educating Pre-Service and In-Service Teachers About Autism

Jacqueline P. Kelleher

Comparing Student and Teacher Perceptions of the Importance of Social Skills in a Self-Contained Setting

Joseph John Morgan Ph.D., Nicole Dobbins, Ph.D., Yun-Ju Hsiao, Ph.D., Nancy Brown, M.Ed. & Kyle Higgins, Ph.D.

Inclusive Education Practice in Southwestern Nigeria: A Situational Analysis

Samuel Olufemi Adeniyi, Ph.D. & Akinkunmi Oluwadamilare Adeyemi

Parent Perspectives on Home-Based Intervention for Young Children with Developmental Disabilities: The Parent-Implemented Communication Strategies (PiCS) Project in Illinois, USA

Hedda Meadan, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Julia B. Stoner, Ed.D., CCC-SLP & Maureen E. Angell, Ph.D.

The Digital Divide and Inequities for Students with Disabilities: Needed….A Bridge Over Troubled Waters!

Patricia A. Tyson

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Effects of the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) on Maladaptive Behavior in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD): A Review of the Literature

Dana Battaglia and Mary E. McDonald

Comparing Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) and Piers-Harris 2 Scores of Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

Terrence Rainer Chisolm

Perceptions of Disability and Special Education Services: The Perspectives of Korean-American Parents of Children with Disabilities

Nari Choi and Raymond Ostendorf

Instructional Constraints Faced by Learners with Muscular Dystrophy: A Case of Joytown Special Primary School, Thika, Kenya

Annrose Wanjiku Wang’ang’a, Franciscah Irangi Wamocho and Paul Kioy

The Perspectives of K-12 Stakeholders Involved in Early Implementation of Response to Intervention (RTI)

Nai-Cheng Kuo, Ph.D.

The Role of Peer Guided Play for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Amy M. Papacek, Ph.D.

Improving Science Scores of Middle School Students with Learning Disabilities through Engineering Problem Solving Activities

Leyf Peirce Starling, Ya-Yu Lo and Christopher J. Rivera

Service Delivery for High School Students with High Incidence Disabilities: Issues and Challenge

Edward Schultz, Cynthia Simpson, Jane C. Owen and Christina Janise McIntyre

Teaching Children with Autism to Ask Questions

Katie E. Squires and Alyssa Bickel

The Principals' Impact on the Implementation of Inclusion

Carmelita Thompson

Fostering Special Education Certification through Professional Development, Learning Communities and Mentorship

Mitzi P. Trahan, Dianne F. Olivier and Donna E. Wadsworth

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Speech-Language Services in Public Schools: How Policy Ambiguity Regarding Eligibility Criteria Impacts Speech-Language Pathologists in a Litigious and Resource Constrained Environment

Lesley Sylvan, Ed.D, CCC-SLP

Are Parents Really Partners In Their Child’s Education?

Clarissa E. Rosas, Ph.D. and Kathleen G. Winterman, Ed.D

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors’ Perceived Influences on the Secondary Transition Planning Process and Postsecondary Outcomes of Students with Disabilities

Vickie Miller-Warren, Ed.D.

Gender Differences in Emotional or Behavioral Problems in Elementary School Students

Amanda Malfitano

African American Parental Beliefs About Resiliency:  A Delphi Study

Vita Jones, Ph. D., Kyle Higgins, Ph.D., Randall Boone, Ph.D., Susan P. Miller, Ph.D., & Nancy Sileo, Ed.D.

Blending Common Core Standards and Functional Skills in Thematic Units for Students with Significant Intellectual Disabilities

Karena Cooper-Duffy and Glenda Hyer

Effects of Peer Tutoring and Academic Self-Monitoring on the Mathematics Vocabulary Performance of Secondary Students with Emotional or Behavioral Disorders

Brittany L. Hott, Anya Evmenova and Frederick J. Brigham

Teaching Multiplication with Regrouping Using the Concrete-representational-abstract Sequence and the Strategic Instruction Model

Margaret M. Flores and Toni M. Franklin

Student and Teacher Perceptions of the Five Co-Teaching Models: A Pilot Study

Randa G. Burks-Keeley, M.A. and Monica R. Brown, Ph.D.

Students with Disabilities’ Perspectives of STEM Content and Careers

Kimberly E Bryant Davis

A Researcher’s Story of Assessing Motor Skills of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Casey M. Breslin and Alice M. Buchanan

The Impact of Video Modeling on Improving Social Skills in Children with Autism

Dr Mohammed Alzyoudi, Professor  AbedAlziz. Sartawi and Dr. Osha Almuhiri



Using E-Readers to Improve Reading for Students with Mild Disabilities

Amy Camardese, M. Eileen Morelli, Yehuda Peled and Maile Kirkpatrick

Importance of Quality of Life Issues: A Pilot Comparison of Teachers and Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Julie Ivey-Hatz and Karen Frederick

Effects of Early Childhood Education on Children with Hearing Impairments in Special Schools in Kiambu, Murang’A and Nyeri Counties, Kenya

Chege Loise W, Franciscah  I. Wamocho and John Aluko Orodho

Bringing ABA into Early Childhood Routines to Meet the Needs of Young Children with ASD

Debra Leach, Ed.D.

Perceptions of Pre-Service Teachers As They Relate to Professional Practice

Emily Williams, Elissa Poel, Miguel Licona, Elsa Arroyos and Alma Meraz-Rodriguez

Effectiveness of Transitional and Follow-Up Programmes to Community Integration of Young Adults with Intellectual Disabilities (YAWID) in Kiambu County, Kenya

Margaret W. Makanya, Mary Runo and Violet Wawire

Family Communication: Strategies for Building Effective Partnerships and Working Relationships

Emily R. Shamash and Alyson M. Martin

ADHD in Preschool:  Approaches and Teacher Training

Ajay Singh and Jane Squires

Practitioners' Perceptions of Their Knowledge, Skills and Competencies in Online Teaching of Students with and without Disabilities

Diana L. Greer, Sean J. Smith and James D. Basham

Effects of Environmental and Instructional Factors on Student Motivation and Self-Directed Learning

Anne D. Burkhalter


Denise A. Rich-Gross, Ph.D.




JAASEP Editorial Board of Reviewers


Responses to Positive versus Negative Interventions to Disruptive Classroom Behavior in a Student with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Renee B. Brown


A Comparison of Two Curricular Models of Professional Development to Increase Teacher Repertoires for Instructing Students with Autism

Lisa Dille


Information Needs and Information Seeking Behavior of Teachers of Special Education in Shillong, India

Bikika Laloo and Jocica L. Buhril


Helping Preservice Special Educators Scaffold the Reflection Process

Elissa Wolfe Poel, Monica R. Brown, Luis-Vicente Reyes, and Cristóbal Rodríguez


Preparing Preservice Teachers to Address Bullying through Cartoon Lessons

Audrey C. Rule, Stephanie R. Logan, and Frank W. Kohler


Special Educator Evaluation: Cautions, Concerns and Considerations

Carrie Semmelroth, Evelyn Johnson, and Keith Allred


Working Together for Learning Together: Supporting Students and Teachers with Collaborative Instruction

Cynthia T. Shamberger and Marilyn Friend


General Education Teachers’ Knowledge of and Attitudes Toward Students with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorders: Are They Still Being Overlooked and Underserved?

Roben Wallace Taylor and Ravic P. Ringlaben


Should I Stay or Should I Go? Revisiting Influencing Factors of SPED Teacher Attrition & Retention: A Review of the Literature

Raschelle Theoharis and Michael Fitzpatrick


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Spring-Summer 2013 JAASEP - CLICK HERE

JAASEP Editorial Board of Reviewers


Using a Four-point Scaled Writing Rubric: Improving the Quantity and the Quality of the Writing in a First Grade Specialized 8:1:1 Classroom

Lynn Carlson


Effective Inclusion Strategies for Professionals Working with Students with Disabilities

Kathleen A. Hogan, Marla Lohmann, and Rose Champion


Professional Development to Support Students with Disabilities in Multi-Tier Classrooms:  A Case Study

Brooke Blanks


Integrated Education in Contemporary Poland

Danuta Apanel


The Effects of Self-Graphing on Oral Reading Fluency for a Student with E/BD within an Alternative Education School

Sara C. McDaniel, Kristine Jolivette and Robin Parks Ennis


Applied Behavior Analysis: Current Myths in Public Education

Cheryl Fielding, John Lowdermilk, Lauren L. Lanier, Abigail G. Fannin, Jennifer L. Schkade, Chad A. Rose, and Cynthia G. Simpson


Application of the RtI Model in Learning Disability Diagnosis: Perceptions of Current Practices by New Jersey Special Education Administrators

Pamela E. Lowry


An Exploratory Study of Successful Paperwork Management Techniques for Novice Special Education Teachers

Richard L. Mehrenberg


Factors Influencing Teacher Behavior with Students with Diverse Learning and Behavioral Needs

Edward K. Schultz and Cynthia G. Simpson


Educational Outcomes for Students with Special Needs: The Impact of Support and Resources on Teachers’ Perceptions

Traci Y. Sharpe


Author Guidelines for Submission to JAASEP


Copyright and Reprint Rights of JAASEP


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JAASEP Editorial Board of Reviewers


Resilience Theory: Risk and Protective Factors for Novice Special Education Teachers

Thomas L. Benjamin & Rhonda S. Black


The Ability-Achievement Model Versus the Response to Intervention Model:  Which Model is More Accurate in the Assessment of Diagnosing Students with Learning Disabilities?

Debra Camp-McCoy


A Program Evaluation of an Inclusive Model for Training Pre-Service General Education Teachers to Work with Students with Special Needs

Joanna E. Cannon, Nicole C. Swoszowski, Peggy Gallagher & Susan R. Easterbrooks


Evaluation of Push-In/Integrated Therapy in a Collaborative Preschool for Children with Special Needs

Stephen J. Hernandez


Students with Multiple Sclerosis Participating in Recess

Matthew D. Lucas, Ed.D. C.A.P.E. & Jamie Brentlinger


Perspectives of Parents Who Have a Child Diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder

Lori A. Kalash, Ed.D. & Myrna R. Olson, Ed.D.


High Fructose Corn Syrup, Mercury, and Autism - Is there a Link?

Heather A. Opalinski


The Use of a Functional Behavioral Assessment-Based Self Management Intervention for Students with Emotional/Behavioral Disorders

Saleem `A. Rasheed, Ph. D., Cecil Fore, III, Ph.D., Arthur Jones, Ed. S. & Latisha Smith, Ph.D.


Teaching Common Core Math Practices to Students with Disabilities

Michelle Stephan & Jennifer Smith

Involuntary Teacher Transfer in Special Education: Concepts and Strategies for Teachers Facing New Assignments

Jan Stivers, Sharon F. Cramer & Kate Riordan


How One Teacher, Two Students with Visual Impairments, and a Three-year R & D Project Could Change How All Students Learn Science

Vicki Urquhart


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JAASEP Editorial Board of Reviewers


Consulting to Support Emotional Behavioral Disordered Students: Implementing a Behavioral School-Based Approach

Faith Andreasen


Finding Opportunity in Co-Teacher Personality Conflicts

Kara Boyer & Cory McMillen


Meeting the Needs of Special Education Students in Inclusion Classrooms

Cathy LeDoux, Shanna L. Graves & Winona Burt


Community-Based Instruction (CBI) as a Component of a Successful Transition Plan for Students with Intellectual Disabilities

Dr. Russell Dubberly


Postsecondary Education Experience for Students with Developmental Disabilities: A Look into Perceptions of Parents of Senior High Transition Students on a Small University Campus

Neil Friesland & Brad King


Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Assistive Technology: Action Research Case Study of Reading Supports

James E. Gentry & Pam Lindsey


A Qualitative Study of Special Education Certification Methods and How They Affect Teacher Efficacy

Sean Green


The Classroom Infrastructure and the Early Learner: Reducing Aggression During Transition Times

Caroline Guardino & Elizabeth Kirby Fullerton


Development of Web Quest Lesson Enhancing Thai Reading Skills for Students with Down Syndrome at Lower Elementary

Nantawan Kaewchote & Maturos Chongchaikit

Should Children with Auditory Processing Disorders Receive Services in Schools?

Jay R. Lucker


The Use of a Rubric as a Tool to Guide Pre-Service Teachers in the Development of IEPs

Clarissa E. Rosas & Kathleen G. Winterman

Quality Care for Down Syndrome and Dementia

Amanda Tedder

Does Repeated Reading Improve Reading Fluency and Comprehension for Struggling Adolescent Readers?

Kristine Lynn Still & Christine A. Flynt


Author Guidelines for Submission to JAASEP


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FALL 2011


Table of Contents - SPRING/SUMMER 2011

JAASEP Editorial Board of Reviewers

Attitudes among Vietnamese Educators Towards Students with Disabilities and Their Implications Relative to Inclusive Practices: The Findings of a Preliminary Investigation
Vance L. Austin


An Exploration of Instructional Support Use in a Secondary Science Classroom

Doris Kennedy Tyler


Students with Sickle Cell Anemia Participating in Recess

Matthew D. Lucas


Who Does the Alternate Assessment Really Assess?

Debra Bruster


Exploring Transition Education and Community-Based Instruction for High School Students with Disabilities: A Practice in Taiwan

Cheng-Chen Pan


Correlates of Attitudes Toward Academic and Physical Inclusive Practices for Students with Disabilities and Selected Leadership Behaviors Among Middle School Principals in North Carolina

Mary A. Houser, Virginia Dickens & Terence Hicks

Study of Thai Language Oral Reading Problems for Students with Down Syndrome: Grade Range 1

Nantawan Kaewchote & Maturos Chongchaikit


Podcasting and Digital Video in the Classroom: A Call for Research

John H. Newman

Students with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Participating in Recess

Rebecca Scheel & Matthew D. Lucas

Differentiating for Struggling Readers and Writers: Improving Motivation and Metacognition through Multisensory Methods & Explicit Strategy Instruction

Jennifer Walet

Extracurricular Activities and 504 Plans

George Wilkerson


Using an Accountability Tool to Improve the Quality of Outcomes on Individual Family Service Plans

Kristen M. Votava, Carol Johnson , & Kari Chiasson

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Spring/Summer  2010 JAASEP - CLICK HERE

Table of Contents

JAASEP Editorial Board of Reviewers

The Relationship Between Self-Esteem and Academic Achievment of Girls with Hearing Impairments in Secondary Schools for the Deaf in Kenya
Beatrice Bunyasi Awori, John K. Mugo, John A. Orodho & G. K. Karugu

Special Education and at-Risk Kindergarteners as Authors
Louisa Kramer-Vida, Roberta Levitt & Susan P. Kelly

Sensory Integration Used with Children with Asperger’s Syndrome
Analisa L. Smith

Use of Art/Art Work and Cognitive Skill for the Rehabilitation of Special Children of 4-9 Years of Age
Zubair Hina

Social Issues Surrounding the Adolescent with Asperger Syndrome: Perceptions of Parents and Teachers
Karen Hurlbutt & Elaine LaPlante

Students with Autism Participating in Recess
Matthew D. Lucas & Kourtney M. Nichols

A Comparison Between Collaborative and Authoritative Leadership Styles of Special Education Administrators
Natasha W. Veale

The Effect of Embossed Picture Technique on Reading Performance of Learners with Hearing Impairments: A Case of Kambui School for the Deaf
Sella Munyendo & Franciscah  Irangi Wamocho

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Table of Contents

JAASEP Editorial Board of Reviewers

Training and Support for Parents of Children with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

Twila Lukowiak

Recess for Students with Visual Impairments
Matthew Lucas

Positive Behavioral Strategies for Students with EBD and Needed Supports for Teachers and Paraprofessionals
Twila Lukowiak

Planning a Good School Experience for Children with Autism: A Family’s Story
Ling-Ling Tsao & Dena Krueger

A Preliminary Study on Sight Word Flash Card Drill: Does it Impact Reading Fluency?
Sharla N. Fasko & Daniel Fasko, Jr.

An Introduction to Literary Quaranic Stylistics
Dr. Lubna Almenoar

Learning to Critique Disability Children’s Literature Available to Teacher Candidates in Their Local Communities
Alicja Rieger

Assessing and Teaching Reading to Pupils with Reading Disabilities in Nyeri and Nairobi Districts-Kenya: The Teachers’ Opinion
Mary Runo, Geoffrey Kargu & John K. Mugo

Response to Intervention and Identifying Reading Disability
Thienhuong Hoang

The Importance of Identifying and Studying the Reasons Why Special Education Students Drop Out of High School
Richard Wieringo

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JAASEP - Spring 2009 - Login Required

Table of Contents

The Relationship Between Childhood Traumatic Experiences and Gang-Involved Delinquent Behavior in Adolescent Boys
Nichole L. Adams, Sergei V. Tsytsarev, and Paul J. Meller

What Do Brothers and Sisters Think? An Investigation of Expectations of Siblings with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Julie K. Ivey and Lucy Barnard-Brak

Investigating Secondary Special Educator’s Perception of Interagency Collaboration
Jen Yi Li and Hsintai Lin

Resistance to Change: Overcoming Institutional and Individual Limitations for Improving Student Behavior Through PLCs
John W. Maag

Preparing Students with Moderate/Severe Disabilities for Employment
Peter Dragula

Academic Interventions Implemented to Teach Students with Emotional Disturbance
Twila Lukowiak

From LD to Degree- Effective techniques for the Student with a Learning Disability
Joshua A. Del Viscovo

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JAASEP - Winter 2009 - Login Required

Table of Contents

A Comparison of the Effects of Tactile and Auditory Stimulation and Choice on the Problem Solving of Students with Attention Problems
Stacey Emmert, Suneeta Kercood and Janice A. Grskovic

Significance of Multiple Intelligence Among Children with Special Needs
S.Saradha priyadarshini

Foster Youth Who Have Succeeded in Higher Education: Common Themes
Thomas Lovitt and John Emerson

A Mother’s Story about Raising Children with Disabilities
Sadia Warsi

Due Process: A Primer for Special Education Teachers
Roberta Wiener

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JAASEP - Fall 2008 - Login Required

Table of Contents

Social Skills Training: Evaluating its Effectiveness for Students with Learning Disabilities, Emotional, and Behavioral Disorders
Gregory Campbell

Assessment Beyond IQ
Donna Riccio Omichinski, Marie Van Tubbergen, & Seth Warschausky

A Qualitative Study of Students with Behavioral Problems Participating in Service-Learning
Michael P. O’Connor

Incorporating Research Based Strategies to Empower Educational Staff in Supporting Students with EBD
Cathy A. Bradley, Courtney Degler, Larry Zamora & Michael Fitzpatrick

Steps for Special Education Teachers to Take to Appropriately Service Students Who Practice Islam
Matthew D. Lucas

Inclusive Education
Lukischa Lambert

Perceptual Differences in Quality Standards Among Teachers and Related Service Personnel Who Work with Students with Emotional/Behavioral Disorders
Maria L. Manning, Lyndal M. Bullock and Robert A. Gable

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JAASEP - Summer 2008 - Login Required

Table of Contents

Instructional Tactics That Facilitate Inclusion
William N. Bender, Richard T. Boon & Joe Ann Hinrichs

Master's Level Teacher Preparation for Educating Immigrant Students with Special Needs in US Schools
John J. Hoover, Ph.D., Judy Smith-Davis, Ph.D., Leonard Baca, Ed.D., & Emily Wexler Love, Doctoral Candidate

Special Education Editorial: Autism Should Be a Singular Discipline for Undergraduate Study
Sara E. Nixon

No Child Left Behind: Implications for Special Education Students and Students with Limited English Proficiency
Dr. Mark E. Jewell

Cultural Identity and Special Education Teachers
Loretta Salas, Ed.D., & Eric J. López, Ph.D.

Special EducationDebate

Natalie Bogg & Vernette Hansen

The Impact of Assistive Technology on Vocabulary Acquistion of a Middle School Student with Learning Disabilities and Limited English Proficiency
James E. Gentry, Ed.D. & Pam Lindsey, Ph.D.

Seven Winnings to Inclusion
Patricia Mahar, Ph.D

An Investigation of Agency and Marginality in Special Education
Robert C. McOuat

“A League of Our Own”-The Implementation of the Vocabulary Football League
Karen Talalas and Bill Gallache

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PDF File Version of the Summer 2008JAASEP

JAASEP - WINTER 2008 - Login Required


JAASEP Editorial Board of Reviewers

Evaluating Childhood Bipolar Disorder: A Survey of School Psychologists Knowledge and Practices
Linda A. Mayo and Joseph A. Mayo

Using the Choice-making Skills of Students with Disabilities for Educational Planning
Marie Van Tubbergen, Donna Omichinski, and Seth Warschausky

Effects of Animal-Assisted Therapy on a Student with an Emotional/Behavioral Disorder
Val Rae M. Boe

Self-Determination Skills in Postsecondary Students with Learning Disabilities
Saleem A. Rasheed

Integrating Service-Learning in Teacher Education to Raise Disability Awareness
Lynn DeCapua

Future Action Research  - The Relationship of the General and Special Education Teachers in the Inclusive Setting
James D. Oliver III

Essay - Strategies for Differentiated Instruction
Rachael Cook

Author Guidelines for Submission to JAASEP

PDF File Version of the Winter 2008 JAASEP

Copyright and Reprint Rights of JAASEP

JAASEP Fall 2007 - Login Required

Table of Contents

JAASEP Editorial Board of Reviewers

Faculty Epistemological Beliefs as a Mediator to Attitudes Toward Persons with Disabilities
Lucy Barnard, Tara Stevens, Kamau O. Siwatu, & William Y. Lan

Relationship Between Service Coordinator Practices and Early Intervention Services
Mary Beth Bruder and Carl J. Dunst

Individualized Interventions: When Teachers Resist
Sharla N. Fasko

No Child Left Behind’s Implementation in Urban School Settings: Implications for Serving Students with Emotional and Behavior Disorders
Michael Fitzpatrick and Earle Knowlton

The Impact of High-Stakes Testing for Individuals with Disabilities: A Review Synthesis
Richard Boon, Debbie Voltz, Carl Lawson, Sr.,and Michael Baskette

Special Education Professionals and Assistive Technology: Requirements for Preparation in a Digital Age
George R. Peterson-Karlan, Jack J. Hourcade, Howard P. Parette, and Brian W. Wojcik

Book Review - The Short Bus: A Journey Beyond Normal
Richard L. Mehrenberg

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JAASEP Archive

Spring 2007 JAASEP - Login Required

Table of Contents

A Meta-analytic Review: Teachers’ Attitudes Toward Students with Disabilities
Thienhuong Hoang and Mark Dalimonte

Recruitment and Retention of Assessment Personnel
Cynthia G. Simpson, Sharon A. Lynch, and Vicky G. Spencer

Paving the Way for Women with Asperger Syndrome
Karen Hurlbutt

No Child Left Behind and Paraprofessionals: Are They Perceived To Be Highly Qualified?
Heather G. Nelson, Betty Y. Ashbaker, Shannon Coetzee, and Jill Morgan

Using a Checkbook Management System to Decrease the Inappropriate Speaking-Out Behaviors of a 14-Year-Old Special Education Student
Martha Smith-Fontenot and Wendy Lowe Siegel

The Section 504 Process in Middle School: Perspectives of Parents, Teachers and Section 504 Coordinators
Kari Chiasson and Myrna R. Olson

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Winter 2007 JAASEP - Login Required

Table of Contents

Widely Used Disciplinary Options for Aggressive Kids: Are the Current Approaches Effective?
Tracy Blankenship and William N. Bender

The Effects of Functional Communication Training on the Appropriate Behavior of a Student with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
Kristine Jolivette, Janine P. Stichter, David E. Houchins, and Christina Kennedy

School-Age Homeless Children: Crucial Transporters of Literacy Activities in the Shelter
Sadia Warsi

Transition Planning: Improved Methods to Promote Student Success from High School to the Workforce
Christopher Martin, Richard T. Boon, and Cordy Love

A Comparison of Inclusive versus Resource Classroom Placement for Black Students with Mild Disabilities at the Secondary Level: Is There a Need for Separation?
Earle Graham, Carl Lawson, Saleem `A. Rasheed,  and Deborah Voltz

Adventure Based Learning Experience (ABLE)
Robert M. White

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FALL 2006 JAASEP - LOGIN to Access Articles

Table of Contents

The Emperor Has No Clothes! Unanswered Questions and Concerns on the Response To Intervention Procedure
Michael R. Baskette, Lisa Ulmer, and William N. Bender 

Creating a Motivating Classroom: What Really Motivates Students to Achieve in Secondary Content-Area Classrooms?
Richard T. Boon, Vicky G. Spencer, & Tara Jeffs

Does Inclusion Work?  Teacher Verification of Proof of Impact
Sherwin D. Holmes, Joyce W. Barclay, Bonnie Dupuis, Valerie K. Lewis, Morgan Platt, and Steven H. Shaha

A Glimpse into the Lives of Mothers and their Children in a Homeless Shelter: What has Changed Over the Decades?
Sadia Warsi

Using Conceptual Models of Teaching to Incorporate a Dog into a Self-Contained Classroom for Students with Severe Emotional or Behavioral Disorders: A Research-Based Intervention
Katherine L. Anderson and Myrna R. Olson

Improving the Spelling Performance of Students Who Are Deaf and Exhibit Characteristics Consistent with Learning Disabilities
Monica Soukup

Teaching Homeless Students or Others about Homelessness:  Juvenile Literature Can Help
Marissa Johnstun, Mary Anne Prater, Tina Taylor Dyches

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Summer 2006 JAASEP - Login Required to Access Articles

Table of Contents

The Perspectives and Assumptions of Pupil Appraisal Professionals in the Identification Process for Students with Behavioral Concerns
Janice Rutledge Janz and Mary M. Banbury

Educational Implications for Children in Homeless Shelters and Beyond: Implications for All Educators and Child Advocates
Sadia Warsi and Dorota Celinska

Research on Self-Management Techniques Used by Students with Disabilities in General Education Settings: A Promise Fulfilled?
Dennis McDougall, Jim Skouge, Anthony Farrell and Kathy Hoff

Does Inclusion Help Students: Perspectives from Regular Education and Students with Disabilities
Bonnie Dupuis, Joyce W. Barclay, Sherwin D. Holmes, Morgan Platt, Steven H. Shaha, and Valerie K. Lewis

What Does Health Have to Do with Transition? Everything!
Ceci Shapland

Teaching Children With Autistic Spectrum Disorder: A Preschool Teacher Survey To Determine Best Practice Approach
Joanne Grossi-Kliss,OTR/L

International Perspectives on Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A Comparison of Teachers in the United States and Sweden
Steven Carlson, William Frankenberger, Kristina M. Hall, Sara J. Totten, and Katarina House

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Retraction Statement - Spring 2016

Retraction Statement - Spring 2016 - Click here

Retraction Statement - December 2016

Retraction Statement - December 2016 - Click here

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