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Special Member's Benefit for Professor Members

Free Semester Membership for All of Your Students

NASET offers all active Professor Members the opportunity for free semester membership for all of your students throughout any course semester.

You  know how important it is for students to keep current with all the major changes that go on in the field every day. It is crucial to have a organization and website that can provide anyone in special education the facts, knowledge, resources, and information that will allow them to better serve their students.

The National Association of Special Education Teachers - (NASET) organization and website was created to provide every professor, teacher, assistant teacher, regular education teacher and graduate student with one site that would provide everything they would need to facilitate their role in working with students with special needs.

Many professors have used this site for years with all their graduate students   provided with free semester membership access to one of the largest special education sites available today. Students who receive free semester membership utilize the NASET website for research, e-Publications, practical teaching tools and for over 100 Professional  Development Courses and the PDP (professional development program).

Since NASET feels that people in the field should be as informed as possible, NASET publishes several e-Publications monthly and also provides access to archived passed issues. With the free semester membership program, students have full access to all that NASET offers including all of our e-Publications. The list of e-Publications and special series includes the following: NASET Special Educator e-JournalLD Report, Discipline of Students in Special Education Series, Lessor Known Disorders in Special Edcuation Series, Parent Teacher Conference Handouts, Resolving Disputes with Parents Series, Genetics in Special Education SeriesThe Autism Spectrum Disorder Series, The ADHD Series, The Practical Teacher, Classroom Management Series, Behavior Management Series, Assessment in Special Education Series, The Para Professional SeriesThe RTI Roundtable, and NASET Q & A Corner and much more.

Since there are so many publications and information put out weekly, all our students and members receive NASET's WEEK in REVIEW, a weekly emailed publication that provides members with some of the most interesting stories, topics and issues reported during the week in the field of special education, as well as a listing of the recent and archived e-publications.

If you want your students to read peer reviewed journal articles NASET provides access to The Journal of the American Academy of Special Education Professionals (JAASEP). JAASEP is an online peer-reviewed journal committed to advancing the professional development of special education professionals through research, policy, and practice.  JAASEP is a multi-faceted electronic journal that seeks new contributions based on original work of practitioners and researchers with specific focus on or implications for the field of special education.

Semester members are encouraged to utilize The Career Center, which provides students and  members with the ability to view current job placements in special education posted by employers throughout the country, career advice, career book resources, career fact sheets, access to databases for teacher salaries by state, and state licensure information.

For those students of yours who enjoy conferences and workshops we keep them abreast of the latest conferences and workshops throughout the world that are designed to enhance the professional development of special education teachers.

There is so much more our site has to offer both you and your students. As a Professor Member, NASET hopes that you will take advantage of this benefit so that all your students can receive free semester membership in the association with all its resources for as long as you are a member. This means that every student, every semester will have free access to the resources on NASET for any semester they are enrolled in one of your classes. We have continued to keep membership fees as low as possible, and presently the membership fee is only $59.00 per year for professors.

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