NASET Continuing Education/Professional Development Courses

Purpose of NASET's Continuing Education/Professional Development Courses

In general, the primary purpose of schools and school districts requiring Continuing Education/Professional Development (CE/PD) is to ensure that their educators are provided with high quality, rigorous professional development experiences linked to advancing student learning. The awarding of NASET Study Hours is a component towards any final CE/PD requirement and is the final step in the development and implementation of professional development plans. The appropriate awarding of NASET Study Hours signifies that the professional development activities have met the highest standards and are contributing to the enhanced quality and ability of educators in a school and or district.

The purpose and goal of requiring NASETCE/PD for special or general educators are to continue to offer strong teaching skills and a base of knowledge for teachers of students with special needs at all age levels. These courses are a way for special and general educators, at any level, to gain further experience in the issues that the students and their parents face. Further, these courses will help special and general educators find ways to assist in achieving and maintaining an appropriate educational experience that will provide educational benefit for their students.

NASET Study Hours

One (1) NASET Study Hour is defined as, "one hour of course study". All NASETCE/PD courses requires a specific number of hours for completion. The number of NASET Study Hours is listed next to each course title. For example, a course may indicate that 10 NASET Study Hours will be earned upon the completion of a course. If your school or district defines a CEU credit as 10 hours of study, then this course should be the equivalent of one CEU. Further, if a NASETCE/PD grants five NASET Study Hours upon completion and your school or school district defines one CEU as 10 hours, then you will need to take another course that grants five NASET Study Hours (CEH) courses (10 CEH) to attain one CEU credit.

CEU credits can be defined by several different names or labels. Some may include Continuing Education Hour (CEH), Professional Development Hours (PDH), State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECH), Independent Study Hours (ISH), Self-Study Course Hours (SSCH), etc.

Awarding NASET Study Hours approved by NASET and applied to a school or school district's CEU requirement provides a quality indicator for continuing education and training programs because it signifies that the staff has been reviewed and approved for complying with a recognized standard.

Does Your School or District Accept NASET Study Hours?

We have prepared the Continuing Education Course/Professional Development Documentation guide to provide the information which you, as the course participant, should present to your school or school district for the purpose of ensuring that the NASET Study Hours will be accepted towards continuing education and/or professional development requirements. We strongly suggest you download this guide and present it along with the desired course outline to the individual responsible for certifying continuing education and/or professional development approval.

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**Be sure to also download the course documentation for your selected course(s).

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Course Price List

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Credit Hours

Course Cost


Setting Up a Special Education Classroom

8 Study Hours



Building Confidence in the Classroom

8 Study Hours



Behavior Management Tools

8 Study Hours



Foundations of Learning Disabilities

12 Study Hours



Related Services for Children with Disabilities

15 Study Hours



Requirements of IEP Development & Implementation under Reauthorization of IDEIA

15 Study Hours



Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and How it Applies to Children with Disabilities

8 Study Hours


Available Courses

(8 Study Hours)

(8 Study Hours)

(8 Study Hours)

(12 Study Hours)

(15 Study Hours)

(15 Study Hours)

(8 Study Hours)

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