Renew Your Membership

Renew Your Membership Online -

1. Go to NASET Home Page ( ).

2. Login with YOUR USER NAME & YOUR PASSWORD - Please remember your login information is case sensitive. (you can retrieve your login information by using the "Forgot your User Name or Password?" link in the Membership area.

3. Check to be sure you are logged in by looking for the message “Welcome YOUR NAME” in the login area.

4. Go to the menu bar above the photo on the home page and choose “Membership”.

5. Choose the menu selection “Manage Your Profile & Membership Renewal”.

6. Review and correct any personal information on the Renewal page (Please pay particular attention to the email address to ensure that you receive all the e-communications from NASET).

7. Enter your credit card information.

8. Choose a membership type and length.

9. Double check to be sure that all the required input fields have been completed.

10. Click on “Renew Membership!”

You should then be sent to a page which indicates that your renewal has been completed and you will receive an email confirmation of your renewal. If your renewal form was not completed correctly,  the incomplete or error message will appear in red type.

If you encounter difficulty completing the renewal process, please do not hesitate to contact the NASET Membership Department for alternate solutions.


Renew Your Membership Offline

You can renew your membership by completing the form found at the link below and then email, mail or fax the form to NASET.

Renewal Form - Click Here