JAASEP Editorial Board of Reviewers

From Knowledge to Application: Effects of Performance Feedback and Goal-Setting on Pre-Service Teacher Implementation of Evidence-Based Practice

Caitlin J. Criss, Stephanie M. Devine, and Cynthia C. Massey

Wellness and Resiliency Plans for Special Educators Throughout the COVID-19 Global Pandemic and Beyond

Dr. Elizabeth O’Neill Hunter and Dr. Elizabeth M. Anderson Hunter

Parent Involvement in Sexuality Education Programs for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities: A Thematic Review

Rebecca R. Kammes, Rhonda S. Black and Emily C. Tucker

Teacher Evaluation and the Professional Development Connection: Perspectives of Special Education Teachers

Zaher M. Kmail and Gordon Brobbey

Raising Expectations in Literacy for Students with Extensive Support Needs Using Multiliteracies

Sudha V. Krishnan

Influence of Resource Availability on Disability-inclusion in Under-resourced Early Childhood Development Centers

Esther Musengi, D.Ed

Evaluating Special Educators Knowledge of High Leverage Practices: Finding a High-Leverage Rubric

Emily Smith, Pamela Brezenski, Jessica Broderick and Dennis Cavitt

Supporting Children Experiencing Social and Emotional Needs Who are Identified By School Staff as At Risk of Exclusion Due to Disruptive Classroom Behavior

Robert White

Using the Problem-Antecedent-Consequences-Solution Curriculum to Improve Socio-Sexual Decision-Making of Students on the Autism Spectrum 

Dr. Pamela S. Wolfe, Dr. Muhammed A. Karal and Dr. Jonte C. Taylor 

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JAASEP Editorial Board of Reviewers

JAASEP Executive Editors

Roger Pierangelo, Ph.D.
George Giuliani, J.D., Psy.D.

JAASEP Managing Editor

Richard Scott

JAASEP Editorial Board

Wasim Ahmad, Ph.D.
Dr. Mohammed Alzyoudi
Naomi Arseneau M.S. Ed.
Vance L. Austin, Ph.D.
Faith Andreasen, Ph.D.
Amy Balin, Ph.D.,
Heather Bish, Ed.D.
Rhonda S. Black, Ed.D.
Brooke Blanks, Ph.D.
Elfreda Blue, Ph.D.
Kathleen Boothe, Ph.D.
Dana Bowen, M.S.Ed.
Kara Boyer, M.S.Ed.
Casey M. Breslin, Ph.D.
Jennifer Britton, Ed.S. 
Monica R. Brown, Ph.D.
Renee Brown, Ed.S.
Alice M. Buchanan, Ph.D.
Maricel T. Bustos, NBC
Debra Camp-McCoy, Ed.S.
Lynn Carlson, M.S.
Nicholas Catania, Ph.D. Candidate
Lindsey A. Chapman, Ph.D. 
Morgan Chitiyo, Ph.D.
Jonathan Chitiyo, Ph.D. 
Heidi Cornell, Ph.D.
Josh Del Viscovo, MS, BCSE 
Darlene Desbrow, Ph.D.
Lisa Dille, Ed.D.
Joseph F Drolette, Ed.D, B.C.S.E.
William Dorfman, B.A. (MA in progress)
Russell G. Dubberly, N.B.C.T., Ed. D.
Walter E. Dunson, Ph.D., B.C.A.S.E.
Anne Durham, MM., MS. ME.
Nicole Eredics, M.Ed.
Tracey Falardeau, M.A.
Danielle Feeney, Ph.D. Candidate
Nellie B. Ferdinandtsen, BA, MSEd, BCEA
Ronda Gedward, Ed.D.
Heidi Flavian, Ph.D.
Neil Friesland, Ed.D.
Theresa Garfield, Ed.D. 
Leigh K. Gates, Ed.D.
Lydia Gerzel-Short, Ed.D.
Anita Giuliani, M.S., S.A.S., S.D.A
Lola Gordon, Ed.S.
Matthew Glavach, Ph.D.
Sean Green, Ph.D.
Deborah W. Hartman, M.S., B.C.S.E. 
Stephen Hernandez, Ed.D.
Brittany L. Hott, Ph.D.
Victoria W. Hulsey, Ed. D.
Nicole Irish, Ed.D.
Julie Ivey-Hatz, Ph.D.
Bradley Johnson, Ph.D.
Norman Kee Kiak Nam, M.Ed., M.Tech
Randa G. Keeley, Ph.D.
Hyun Uk Kim, Ph.D.
Louisa Kramer-Vida, Ed.D.
Nai-Cheng Kuo, PhD., BCBA
Renée E. Lastrapes, Ph.D.
Telisha Latham, M.Ed., M.Ed.
Debra Leach, Ed.D.
Robert A. LeGary Jr., Ed.D.
Gloria Lodato Wilson, Ph.D.
Marla J. Lohmann, Ph.D.
Mary Lombardo-Graves, Ed.D.
Leslie Loughmiller, Ed.D
Pamela E. Lowry, Ed.D. LDTC, NCED
Matthew Lucas, Ed.D., C.A.P.E.
Richard Lucido, Ph.D.
Jay R. Lucker, Ed.D., CCC-A/SLP, FAAA
Matthew R. Lunsford, EdM, MS, BCSE, BCBA, LBA, C-IAYT
Jennifer N. Mahdavi, Ph.D., BCBA-D
Alyson M. Martin, Ed.D.
Vanessa Martinez, M.S., BCSE
Cara E. McDermott Fasy NBCT, Ph.D.
Mary McDonald, Ph.D.
Cory McMillen, M.S.Ed.
Richard L. Mehrenberg, Ph.D.
Krystle Merry, MS.Ed., NBCT. 
Elisabetta Monari Martinez, Ph.D. Candidate
Marcia Montague, Ph.D.
Chelsea T. Morris, Ph.D. 
Shirley Mullings, Ed.D/CI
Lawrence Nhemachena, MSc
Myrna R. Olson, Ed.D.
Cheryl Ostryn, Ph.D, BCBA-D, LBA
Darra Pace, Ed.D.
Annette Patterson, M.Ed.
Philip P. Patterson, Ph.D.
Shavon D. Paul, Ed. D.
John Picone, Ed.D.
Christine Powell. Ed.D.
Denise Pressley, Ed. D.
Nathan A. Pullen, M.Ed., BCBA
Anji Reddy Nalamalapu, M.A., M.Ed.
Deborah K. Reed, Ph.D.
Ken Reimer, Ph.D.
Dana Reinecke, Ph.D.
Denise Rich-Gross, Ph.D.
Benjamin Riden, ABD - Ph.D.
Clarissa E. Rosas, Ph.D.
Audrey C. Rule, Ph.D.
Pamela Mary Schmidt, M.S.
Edward Schultz, Ph.D.
Diane Schwartz, Ed.D.
Emily R. Shamash, Ed.D.
Dr. Mustafa Serdar KOKSAL
Cynthia T. Shamberger, Ph.D
Sylvia Simmons, EdS.
Gregory W. Smith, Ph.D.
Emily Sobeck, Ph.D.
Ernest Solar, Ph.D.
Trisha Spencer, M.S.Ed.
Latorrya Stacker Buie, Ed.S.
Michelle Stephan, Ed.D.
Gretchen L. Stewart , Ph.D. Candidate
Kristine Lynn Still, Ph.D.
Angela Nina Tababan-Refuerzo, Ph.D.
Roben W. Taylor, Ed.D.
Amanda D. Tedder, M.ED.
Jessie S. Thacker-King, Ed.D
Raschelle Theoharis, Ph.D.
Vicki A. Urquhart, M.Ed.
Joseph Valentin, Ph.D., B.C.S.E
Julia VanderMolen, Ph.D.
Anne Verratti, M.A., M.Ed.
Heather M. Van Ness, Ph.D
Michele Vaughn, MA
Nancy Welsh Young, Ed.S., Ph.D. Candidate, University of Arkansas
Cindy Widner, Ed.D. Candidate
Kathleen G. Winterman, Ed.D
Jennifer Wooding, Ed.D. candidate, M.Ed, BS Ed.
Perry A. Zirkel, PhD., J.D., LL.M.  

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