The Effects of Self-Graphing on Oral Reading Fluency for a Student with E/BD within an Alternative Education School

Sara C. McDaniel
University of Alabama

Kristine Jolivette
Georgia State University

Robin Parks Ennis
Georgia State University


Students with emotional and behavioral disorders (E/BD) exhibit behavioral and social challenges that affect their ability to access instruction in the classroom.  Despite this, there is a paucity of research on reading interventions for students with E/BD.  Recent researchers have demonstrated positive effects when pairing simple interventions to comprehensive reading programs.  This study extends the literature base by building upon the tiered supports provided to a student with E/BD in a self-contained alternative education school and evaluating the effects of adding self-graphing before and self-graphing after reading multiple passages on oral reading fluency.  Social validity and intrinsic motivation also were assessed with implications for practice and future directions discussed.

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