Using E-Readers to Improve Reading for Students with Mild Disabilities

Amy Camardese, Ph.D.
Westminster College


M. Eileen Morelli, Ed.D.
Westminster College


Yehuda Peled, Ph.D.
Western Galilee College


Maile Kirkpatrick
Second Grade Teacher
Greenville School District


Improving reading comprehension and fluency in students with mild disabilities has long been a challenge for educators.  Technology has provided a host of new possibilities for working with students with mild disabilities.  This study incorporated a mixed method to investigate the potential of using E-Readers as an instructional tool.  Three features of E-Readers were thought to be of particular benefit to students with mild disabilities: (a) the ability to change the font, (b) the text to speech feature, and (c) the dictionary feature where students highlight a word and the definition pops up.

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