Integrated Education in Contemporary Poland

Danuta Apanel


This article presents the most important aspects, organizational principles and achievements in the field of integrated education in Poland. The author outlines the dynamics of the development of institutions of integrated education and institutions with integrated sections between 1989 and 2010. She describes the actual state of teaching conditions, discusses the immediate social milieu of learners with special needs and provides a numerical and percentage layout of children with different disabilities. The author also discusses the characteristics of the staff employed at institutions of integrated education, their factual competence and opportunities to obtain the necessary qualifications to work with children with special educational needs. Finally, the author presents the results of her surveys conducted among employees of institutions of integrated education. The respondents point to the difficulties related to the introduction of this form of education in Poland, at the same time stressing the necessity of continuing efforts that promote the development of integrated education, conducive to the so-called inclusive education in all schools.

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