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About the Special Educator e-Journal

In order to keep up to date with the most current information in the field of special education, NASET provides its members with a monhtly e-Journal.  NASET members may access The Special Educator-e-Journal, which is NASET's electronic e-Journal of all the latest information to be found on the internet concerning the field of teaching exceptional children.  We also are now providing the opportunity for authors to submit their own articles for submission.

The online Special Educator e-Journal is published monthly and notice of the latest publication is contained in our weekly emailed newsletter The Week in Review . The Special Educator e-Journal is available to all paid members of the National Association for Special Education Teachers (NASET).  

NASET encourages every reader to share his or her knowledge and experience, and to offer creative solutions to the full range of issues facing special educators today. Through your direct participation and that of your colleagues, NASET can provide the most relevant and timely information in the profession of teaching students with special needs.