Executive Directors' Message

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the National Association of Special Education Teachers' (NASET) Website.   As Executive Directors of NASET, we invite you to become a member of our professional association. With backgrounds in public school teaching, school psychology, administration in secondary special education and a current university professors in special education, we know that your involvement in NASET will be a rewarding experience.  Today, more than ever, an active NASET is essential to the well being of the profession and the services we provide.

The concept of NASET was first initiated when we were looking to join a national organization dedicated solely to the professional growth and development of special education teachers throughout the United States.  As full-time university graduate professors in special education departments, we wanted our students to be able to keep up to date with the most current events, legislation, commentaries, etc. affecting special education teachers.  To our amazement, we found no organization throughout the United States that was a professional organization dedicated solely to special education teachers.  After discussing it with many colleagues in the field, we felt that the establishment of The National Association of Special Education Teachers needed to be commenced.  The feedback we received on developing NASET was overwhelmingly positive, and it set the ball in motion for great things to come for this organization.

NASET is ever mindful that teachers do not always receive the recognition and support they deserve for the important and difficult job they do. As teachers prepare students for the future, especially special needs students, they do so with the understanding that there will be changes taking place, and they must grow with these changes.  NASET is growing and developing its ability to provide a professional service to its members. There is a wealth of knowledge in the members of the association. Everyone has something he or she can contribute to the good of the membership. Education is a powerful tool and one that can make all the difference in how our profession grows and prospers in the future. We encourage members to not only seek education for themselves, but share your knowledge with your colleagues.

We would like to officially welcome all new members to NASET. It is your energy, dedication, enthusiasm, leadership, integrity, professionalism, and exemplary service that makes our positions so rewarding.  NASET is your professional organization and needs a variety of voices to make it strong.  This is your organization; please help make it the best in the country.  We are convinced we have a great future ahead of us. We welcome any suggestions on how NASET can better serve you. We are honored to serve as Executive Directors of NASET and prepared to dedicate our time and energy to fulfill the destiny of the association.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Roger Pierangelo & Dr. George Giuliani

Executive Directors