Gift Membership

Give the Gift of Membership

A membership in the National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET) is an excellent gift idea for the Special Educator in your life! It’s a gift that will be appreciated and is incredibly useful. From professional development courses to the latest news and research in special education, a membership in NASET is an invaluable gift that will be greatly valued.

Whether you decide to purchase a one or two-year membership in NASET, the value to the Special Educator in your life will still be “giving” long after you present the gift of NASET Membership.  Here is a list of Member's Benefits that your recipients will receive.

Who can purchase a membership?

Anyone can purchase a NASET Gift Membership. Whether you are a principal looking to honor a special staff member or a group of colleagues who are looking for the best possible gift for a co-worker, a NASET Membership is a great gift idea.

  • Teaching Staff – Are you wondering what to get for your Special Education Colleagues – What could be better than giving a gift that is both useful and will be used throughout the school year.  A NASET Membership will be the perfect gift for your Colleagues.
  • Parents - Perfect for your Child’s Teacher – NASET knows you value the work your child’s teacher does every day. A Membership in NASET is an excellent way to show how much you care! What better way to show your appreciation than to provide a “Special Gift” of NASET Membership?
  • Friend or Family of a soon to be Special Education Teacher - If you have a friend or family member who has the goal of being a special education teacher, a NASET membership is truly invaluable. From research for their courses to preparing their first special education classroom, NASET has the resources that they will need to be sucessful.

How can I purchase a Gift Membership?

There are two ways you can purchase a Gift Membership in NASET.

1. Online - You can purchase a gift membership instantly. All you will need is following information 1. Email address for the recipient. 2. User Name & Password 3. Address (we suggest the school address). Notification to the recipient will be immediate and sent via email to the email address you supply for the recipient. You will be able to include a private message that you can input during the gift purchase. Online Application

2. Offline Application - Download the Gift Membership Application and then after completing the application, you can scan/email, fax or mail the form to us. We will setup a membership on the day you designate. We can then email all the information needed for the recipient to access their NASET Membership to you and or the recipient. You can request a Gift Membership Letter that we will email to you for presentation to the recipient. Offline Application Download