Delphi Technique: Parents Identify Protective Factors to Address Problem Behaviors in Adolescents With and Without Disabilities

Dr. Monica R. Brown
University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Using a 3-Round Delphi Technique, the current study aimed to ascertain consensus regarding parents’ thoughts about the school, home, and community protective factors (i.e., preventive behavior interventions, behavior resources) needed to prevent adolescents from referral to behavior school and subsequent involvement in the juvenile system. A convenience sample of forty-nine (N = 49) parents served as expert panelists, as they each had an adolescent between 15 and 19 years old who was attending high school. Consensus was set at 80% prior to beginning the study. Results indicated that there was consensus regarding parents’ beliefs that access to information and services, parent involvement, and community programs and activities were important, as they were protective factors that cut across school, home, and community contexts. Conclusions, limitations, and suggestions are also presented for the study.

Keywords: Ecological Systems Theory, protective factors, adolescence, behavior problems, Delphi

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