Service Delivery for High School Students with High Incidence Disabilities: Issues and Challenges

Edward Schultz Ph.D.
Midwestern State University


Cynthia Simpson, Ph.D.
Houston Baptist University


Jane C. Owen, Ph.D.
Midwestern State University


Christina Janise McIntyre, Ph.D.
Midwestern State University


High schools throughout this country are as heterogeneous as the students they serve in size, location, tax base, student make-up, and teacher quality. However, they must all follow the mandates of NCLB and IDEA. While these policies affect all schools, high schools continue to face many challenges implementing these laws effectively for students with disabilities for several reasons.   This article examines three broad issues surrounding these mandates in the context of serving secondary students with disabilities, particularly those with high-incidence disabilities:  an overview of challenges facing secondary schools, models of service delivery, and the contemporary roles of the special and general educator. In conclusion, the authors address recommendations specific to secondary campuses.

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