Q & A Corner - Issue #9

Issue #9 Questions and Answers about Individualized Education Programs

This NASETQ & A Corner will provide you with the answers to the following questions about Individualized Education Programs:  

  • What is an Individualized Education Program (IEP)?
  • What is the Purpose of an IEP?
  • Who Develops the IEP?
  • What Content Must Be Included in a Student’s IEP?
  • What are Related Services?
  • How is a Student's Placement Determined?
  • What Happens after the IEP is Written?
  • How Does the IEP Get Implemented?
  • How Often Will a Student's IEP be Reviewed and Revised?
  • What are Some Guiding Principles for IEP Development?

In addition to the questions answered in this issue, there is also a summary of the steps to developing and implementing an IEP.

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