Q & A - Corner Issue #3

This weeks' issue of NASET Q & A Corner presents the following questions. 

Questions and Answers about Procedural Safeguards and Due Process

  • What are Procedural Safeguards?
  • What are Parent/guardians' Rights Regarding Notice?
  • What are Parent/guardians' Rights Regarding Consent?
  • What are Parent/guardians' Rights for Evaluation, Reevaluation and Independent Educational Evaluation?
  • Do Parent/guardians Need to Inform the School District if They Intend to Seek an Independent Educational Evaluation?
  • Is the School Required to Accept the Results of an Independent Education Evaluation?
  • How Do Parent/guardians Find a Professional or Clinic to Conduct an Independent Educational Evaluation?
  • Are a Student's Records Confidential?
  • What are Parent/guardian's Rights Regarding Their Student's Records?
  • Can Parent/guardians See Their Student’s Educational Records?
  • Can Anyone Else See a Student’s School Records Without Parent/guardian Consent?
  • Can Parent/guardians Review Their Student’s School Records?
  • How Can Parent/guardians Obtain a Copy of Their Student’s School Records?
  • Do Parent/guardians Have a Right to Review Their Student’s Record When He or She Becomes an Adult Student?
  • What Can Parent/guardians Do When They  Disagree with their School District’s Decisions?
  • What Options are Available to Parent/guardians When They Disagree with the School District’s Decisions?
  • What is Mediation?
  • What is Due Process?
  • What is a Due Process Hearing?
  • What Options are Available to Parent/guardians if They Want to Put Their Student in a Private School?
  • What Can the Public Agency Do if Parent/guardians Don't Consent to Their Student's Initial Evaluation, Reevaluation, or Initial Provision of Special Education and Related Services?

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