Q & A Corner - Issue #10

Issue #10 Questions and Answers about No Child Left Behind:  Accountability and Testing

This NASETQ & A Corner will provide you with the answers to the following questions about Individualized Education Programs:  

  • How are school report cards put together and what kind of information do they provide?
  • How can parents see these local report cards, which include school-by-school data?
  • What information is provided on state report cards?
  • What is "adequate yearly progress"? How does measuring it help to improve schools?
  • What if a school does not improve?
  • How are teachers or schools that do well rewarded?
  • What can parents do to help their child's school succeed and meet the accountability requirements? How does the law help parents become involved?
  • What impact does testing have on children?
  • Will student results be made available to parents?
  • Will the results of a child's tests be private?
  • On what subjects are students tested and when?
  • How is testing handled for children with disabilities? How is it handled for those with limited English proficiency?
  • Some say that testing causes teachers to teach to the test. Is that true?
  • Nevertheless, state assessments sound like they could take a lot of time and effort. What will be gained?
  • Do tests measure the progress of schools?
  • How does testing help teachers?
  • How does testing help principals?
  • How can parents find out if their child's school uses information gathered from testing to improve teaching and learning?
  • What about the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)?

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