Q & A Corner - Issue #1

This weeks' issue of NASET Q & A Corner presents the following questions. 

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Issue # 1 Questions:

  • I was talking to a parent about her son’s recent referral for an evaluation for a suspected learning disability.  She said she gave consent to do it. Is consent just a parental signature or is there more to it? What does it really take to give “consent”?
  • I was recently speaking to a parent of an 18 month old boy.  She is knowledgeable about signs of autism when children are 2 or 3 years of age but wanted to know what the most common early indicators of autism were.  Are there any “early indicators” of autism?
  • Recently at an IEP meeting for a child, the child’s foster parent attended.  Is this person consider the “parent” under IDEA 2004?
  • I’m looking at an educational report of a child and it reports stanines.  What is that?
  • There is a child in our school that we feel needs to be evaluated for a possible disability.  The parents refuse to give consent.  Do we need their consent?
  • I keep hearing about all the kids with ADHD.  Bottom line, how many kids are actually diagnosed with ADHD?  Is it really so many more boys than girls?
  • What classification of disability has the largest disparity between boys and girls in special education?
  • Is it true that African American males are overrepresented in the special education classification of Emotional Disturbance?
  • Administrators in our school have been talking about “high risk” students.  Yet, there is no such term as a special education category?  What does it mean to be a “high risk” student?
  • We use the word “hyper” all the time to describe an active child.  Yet, I know that a child with ADHD will often have “hyperactivity.”  How is “hyperactivity” different from just boys being boys or kids with just more energy than others?

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