Q & A Corner - Issue #5

This months' issue of NASET Q & A Corner presents the following questions about Transition Services from School Age to Adult Life. 

Issue #5 Questions and Answers about Transition Services from School Age to Adult Life

  • What are Transition Services?
  • Who is Entitled to Transition Services?
  • What areas are Included under Transitional Services?
  • What is the District’s Role in Transition Services?
  • What is an Individualized Transition Education Program (ITEP)?
  • What is a Vocational Assessment?
  • What Concerns should the Parent/guardians be Aware of if Their Student will be Entering a Work Situation After Aging Out?
  • What are the Different Types of Work Situations Available to Students with Disabilities?
  • What Should a Parent/guardian or Student with a Disability Consider with Post-Secondary Education?

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