Trauma Informed Teaching in Special Education By: Joshua A. Del Viscovo, M.S., B.C.S.E.


This issue of NASET’s Practical Teacher series on the topic of trauma informed teaching in special education was written by Joshua A. Del Viscovo, M.S., B.C.S.E. In any school, in any setting, the unfortunate possibly exists that educators have a student who has been impacted by trauma in some form.  It is imperative that educators understand how trauma impacts learning and development and how students with learning disabilities and trauma often present in the field.  There is much research about trauma informed care, and trauma informed schools, but what is lacking is specific real world illustrations of what a traumatized students with LD (learning disability) looks like and how to deal with this student.  Trauma presents a set of learning issues as the student with LD presents a set of learning issues.  This article is aimed at providing a very brief snapshot of what a student with this profile looks like and what techniques have actually worked in the field.  Many of the techniques highlighted are researched based and considered on level or another to be best practice, however little if any specific research has been done to verify their efficacy on a wide sampling of the population.  They are featured as they have worked in several settings, multiple times in the actual classroom, and are being shared her with the hope of providing teachers a little direction and insight into this quandary.

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