How Rhyming and Rappin’ Can Improve Reading and Writing: Improving Poetic Intelligence

Matthew Glavach, Ph.D.

This issue of NASET’s Practical Teacher was written by Matthew Glavach, Ph.D. When most people hear the word Rappin’, they often associate it with negative language and feelings.  It doesn’t have to be. Rapping can be uplifting and searching for a rhyme for rapping, for a song, or for poetry can ignite the imagination in unexpected directions.Developing poetic intelligence can open new patterns of thought. As students practice building their own rhymes, they are developing a greater understanding for words. Middle school and high school struggling readers consider most books at their level baby-work and are embarrassed by them.  Often, these students respond to rhyme and developing rhymes for their song and poetry ideas. The article describes how to improve reading and writing skills, and poetic intelligence while teaching rhyming for rapping, song, or poetry development.

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