Intensifying Intervention By Peter Dragula, M.Ed., Doctoral Candidate Capella University


This issue of NASET’s Practical Teacher was written by Peter Dragula, M.Ed., a Doctoral candidate at Capella University.  In his article, Intensifying Intervention, Mr. Dragula asks the question, what can be done when students with moderate/severe disabilities are not progressing?  This is the question that should concern teachers and parents when working with students that have challenges of all levels. Literature exists in regards to working with students that have mild/moderate disabilities, but finding research on improving moderate/severe progress can be difficult to find. As a result, it can be unclear when to challenge a student or when to back off due to complications.  Some severe students are medically fragile and some have severe behaviors that require creative strategies for them to learn in a manner that does not frustrate them. Frustration can lead to inappropriate behaviors, such as hitting, screaming, etc.  Both teacher and parents alike are caught between a desire to help the student to develop and to keep them happy and safe.  The purposes of this issue of NASET’s Practical Teacher are to: 1. Provide specific strategies in working with moderate/severe students; 2. To provide understanding of the challenges teachers face when working with students in a public school setting; 3. Present current resources and perspectives on best practices in working with students that have moderate/severe; 4. To empower parents in their abilities to advocate for their students in the school, at home and post academic settings.

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