Centers for Literacy in a Multi-Level Special Education Classroom

Research have indicated that students’ with IEP placed in an inclusive setting tends to have  increased in test scores, enhance self-esteem and good communication or social skills (Power-de Fur and  Orelove, 1997).  It is in this perspective that more school district are pushing on placing students with IEPs in the inclusive setting.  Given this scenario, the numbers of students in the self-contained setting tend to decrease. This put a special educator in a self-contained classroom to handle multi-level grade levels.  This kind of setting now places a special educator in a challenging position on how to teach students with varying grade level, readiness level, abilities, achievements, learning modalities and weaknesses. The focus of this issue of NASET’s Practical Teacher (written by Maricel T. Bustos, M.A.) is to address centers for literacy in a multi-level special education classroom.

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