Hospitality in an Inclusive Classroom


This issue of NASET’s Practical Teacher series was written by Nancy Reigel from the University of South Carolina. Students with Emotional and Behavioral problems struggle in the classroom for a variety of reasons.  Research shows that teachers can react negatively or positively in situations.  A Positive Teacher relationship has been shown to be highly effective in increasing academic gains of students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders (EBD) but the research is fairly inconsistent.  A look into a behavior program primarily designed for students who display severe forms of verbal and physical aggression.  A deep look into the program and how teachers form strong lasting relationships with students.  Research shows that teacher relationships, teacher intervention strategies along with strong social skills components are crucial to developing lasting skills with students with EBD.  The findings of this program will reveal a deep commitment and understanding by the teachers and students in the program with regard to teacher-student relationships and impact on the students’ academic development.

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