Strategies for Supporting Students Struggling with Sight Word Retention

This issue ofNASET’s LD Report was written by Amanda Carroll, a graduate student at Winthrop University. The purpose of this article is to share a study done to evaluate a research-based strategy for a group of students who are struggling with sight word retention.  Being able to recall a sight word as soon as it is seen helps increase a student’s fluency and accuracy.  Increasing fluency and accuracy will help with the student’s ability to comprehend what they are reading.  This research-based sight word instruction strategy was administered to a group of students over a two-week period to determine its effectiveness in helping these struggling students with their sight word retention.  The results indicated a growth in sight word retention following the two-week period.  After use of this strategy, the students were better able to read and spell the sight words taught during the implementation of the strategy.

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