Dyslexia: An Upside Down World in a Right Side Up World By. Ruth Humbert

This issue of NASET’s LD Report was written by Ruth Humbert. Dyslexia is a frustrating learning disability that is over-looked in the education field. Many educators do not have a thorough knowledge of dyslexia. Some educators overlook it as a minor learning disability that in time can be controlled or that is not as severe as many other learning disabilities. Many students have dyslexia and they do not understand why their world is so upside down in a right side up world, until the light is seen at the end of the tunnel. The light is seen when an individual with dyslexia finally receives the help that they are just crying out for. The field of dyslexia is riddled with controversies, from assessment through funding via the very existence of what may be regarded as an inexact syndrome (Smythe, 2011, p. 39). To the student with dyslexia these difficulties are very real, and spread beyond simple reading and writing difficulties in school and later on into adulthood (Smythe, 2011, p. 39). With this research paper I hope to unlock the doors and research the myths of dyslexia. I will use as my variables, students with dyslexia and non-dyslexia. These variables are relevant because you can do a comparison and with the comparison it will help in understanding what a student with dyslexia goes through and the struggles and frustrations that they have. This research will also use students in higher education as variables for the understanding of the effect that dyslexia carries on into higher education. An increasing number of students with dyslexia enter higher education, and as a result, there is a growing need for standardized diagnosis (Tops, Callens, & Lammertyn, 2012, p. 186). The hypothesis is; will dyslexia ever have a sound concrete definition, and does the imbalance of the brain cause dyslexia? This paper will address these questions and discuss possible answers based on the research provided.

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