New Strategies for Students with Learning Disabilities

This issue of NASET’s LD Report was written by Rachel Schless, Rileigh Black, Megan Pilla, Alexander Tortorella, and Vasilios Hasapis. According to the authors, currently, most strategies being used to assist students with learning disabilities are based on academic interventions. While these may be somewhat helpful, they have not shown to lead to high levels of success for the individuals with learning disabilities (LD). This article delves deeper into new, more beneficial strategies that teachers of students with LD, parents of students with LD, and students with LD can use. We feel this topic is extremely important to take a closer look at as students with LD are more likely to struggle socially and emotionally, leading to an increase in mental illnesses and crime rates. Our aim is to inform students with LD as well as those who assist them on successful strategies they can use within their everyday practices.

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