Practical Understanding and Intervention of Dyscalculia By Brittany Ann Ross

This issue of NASET’s LD Report was written by Brittany Ross of Regent University. The paper seeks to explore both neurological and psychological aspects of developmental dyscalculia while recommending leading intervention strategies that can be used at home and in classroom environments. Many educational institutions and professionals are now recognizing the proportionally high rates of students diagnosed with this disorder. Leading underlying factors of dyscalculia will be analyzed in terminology appropriate for average, nonmedical professionals, aiming to assist those working directly with the children to make academic gains. Some possible intervention strategies for this area will be evaluated such as computer software and games, classroom engagement strategies, anxiety minimizing techniques, and general assisting tools. This paper will attempt to distinguish important aspects of the disorder in noncomplex terminology and make practical intervention strategies teachers and parents can utilize when assisting students with these needs.

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