IEP Development and Educational Placement Options for Students with Learning Disabilities

All students in special education are expected to leave school prepared to:

  • Live independently
  • Enjoy self-determination
  • Make choices
  • Contribute to society
  • Pursue meaningful careers
  • Enjoy integration in the economic, political, social, cultural, and educational mainstream of American society

The school district’s committee on eligibility for special education services (IEP Committee) is charged with ensuring that each student with a disability is educated to the maximum extent appropriate in classes and programs with their peers who do not have disabilities. For school-age students with learning disabilities, this committee must consider the supports, services, and program modifications necessary for a student to participate in general education classes and extracurricular and nonacademic activities. In order to better ensure that this occurs, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA 2004) requires that all students in special education have an individualized education program (IEP).

The focus of this edition of the NASET LDReport will be to examine IEP development and educational placement options for students with learning disabilities

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