Issue #27 - "How To" Series

NASET'sHow To Series consists of short special education guides that provide quick answers to many of the questions special educators need to know. These step by step guides, informational guides, factual guides, all provide immediate direction in solving everyday issues faced in the field. The NASET “HOW TO” Series is provided to answer difficult issues in a clear, concise and easily available manner.

    In This Issue:

    How To Design Your Classroom


    Setting up the physical structure of your classroom is a personal choice. However, some logical reasoning should be utilized when determining the layout of the room. In a resource room and self- contained special education classroom, there are several designs that you can consider: - -To learn more Login to NASET.


    How to Gather Information on your Students Before the Start of School

    There are a variety of settings in which you may be hired in the field of special education including a resource room, self-contained special class or an inclusion setting. This article, which will be presented in several parts over the next few weeks, focuses on various steps that should be taken to insure the welfare of the children, the appropriate educational setting, information that should be gathered, communicating with related service providers, parents, paraprofessionals, assistant teachers, and other areas to make your job easier and more rewarding. This article assumes nothing and provides important information for all three settings. When noted, certain information is best suited for a specific type of setting. If not noted, then assume that the information being presented applies to all three settings.


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