Issue #24 - "How To" Series

NASET'sHow To Series consists of short special education guides that provide quick answers to many of the questions special educators need to know. These step by step guides, informational guides, factual guides, all provide immediate direction in solving everyday issues faced in the field. The NASET “HOW TO” Series is provided to answer difficult issues in a clear, concise and easily available manner.

    In This Issue:

    How To Create a Positive Classroom Environment Part I


    Developing a sense of confidence will be crucial right from the start. Children with disabilities all too often lack a sense of confidence in their academic ability. Further, this lack of confidence may have a direct effect on their perception, cooperation, willingness to try etc. Children with low confidence tend to be more rigid, more sensitive, over-reactive, more insecure, and more vulnerable. How do teachers expect children with low self-confidence to absorb anything, when most of their energy is going into self-protection? Therefore, you may want to consider the concept of Positive Restructuring. - -To learn more Login to NASET.


    How To Create a Positive Classroom Environment Part II


    Confident children seem to share certain characteristics. In their relationships with both teachers and parents, they show in many ways that they are empowered, hopeful, autonomous, resilient, and secure. They are also accomplished, receive recognition for their accomplishments, and persevere even when things don’t go as they would like. Finally, for the most part they genuinely seem to enjoy life, both at school and at home. The ideas described here, if practiced in the classroom, will help students enjoy the environment they are in and believe in themselves as they never have before. The building of confidence in your students should be a process rather than a hit and miss approach. The following suggestions will enhance the factors in the human condition that lead to a sense of self worth and overall confidence. - -To learn more Login to NASET.

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