Issue #23 - "How To" Series

NASET'sHow To Series consists of short special education guides that provide quick answers to many of the questions special educators need to know. These step by step guides, informational guides, factual guides, all provide immediate direction in solving everyday issues faced in the field. The NASET “HOW TO” Series is provided to answer difficult issues in a clear, concise and easily available manner.

    In This Issue:

    How To Understand Achievement Test Terminology


    Sometimes children who are experiencing academic problems may not try as hard as possible for fear of failure. Consequently, the resulting scores on achievement tests may not reflect true achievement levels. You should know test vocabulary and abbreviations used to report test information and what it means. This How to series will help you learn the terms used to describe achievement test results. To learn more Login to NASET.


    How To Understand the Different Sections of an IEP


    All districts are required to have an IEP for any child in special education. However the form of this IEP is not standard throughout the country but many times the information may be the same. One must also keep in mind that individual states may vary what they require on IEOPs. This How to Series outlines the different sections that may be included on many IEPs but may not contain everything required in your district.  Look at how the different sections are reported to get an idea of what is contained. To learn more Login to NASET.

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