General and Special Education Teachers’ Perceptions of the Implementation of Differentiated Instruction in Elementary Classrooms with Learning Disabilities Students*

This issue of NASET’s LD Report was written by Hana Z. Alamri. The purpose of this study is to investigate special and general education teachers’ attitudes and understanding of the implementation of differentiated instruction (DI) with students who have learning disabilities (LD) in elementary school levels. The results showed important information about teachers’ understanding and perceptions; most of them understood the significance of DI and implemented it during teaching. In addition, the results reveal that there is a connection between teachers’ perceptions and the number of courses taken in DI. Teachers also showed that DI is important for all students and teachers, especially with co-teaching and collaboration teams. Most teachers indicated that the biggest obstacle to successfully implementing DI is that there is a lack of time needed to do the necessary work. This shows that further research should be done in this area to make DI easier for teachers to implement in order for students to receive the full benefits.

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