Token Economy Systems to Increase Appropriate Behaviors


This issue of NASET’s Classroom Management series was written by Norma Samburgo and its focus is on token economy systems to increase appropriate behaviors. Behavior management is an obstacle faced by many teachers on a daily basis. The way students behave in class may determine the type of learning environment they will be immersed in, the extent of the success in the lesson delivery, the degree of students’ understanding, and in consequence, students’ achievement.  The selection of evidence-based behavior management techniques should be the first step every teacher takes before planning and delivering a lesson, especially in a middle school classroom with students with learning disabilities.  Students with learning disabilities may display disruptive behaviors such as being off task, talking out of turn, not completing tasks, and distracting other students to get their attention.  These disruptive behaviors not only have an undesirable influence on students’ academic progress, but also on the teachers’ performance since they stimulate stress (Clunies-Ross, Little, & Kienhuis, 2008).  In addition, these behaviors are associated with the lacking of time to cover all the benchmarks in the curriculum because that time is used to work on solving classrooms disruptions and therefore, making impossible to regain the educational atmosphere.

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