Behavior Management Systems in the Classroom: A Review of Literature

By Desiree D. DeBlois

This issue of NASET’s Classroom Management series was written by Desiree D. DeBlois. Classroom management is essential to learning. Many teachers have not been trained efficiently to manage students' behaviors and teach a lesson with no interruptions. Classroom management is a range of systematic plan(s) to ensure all students are being treated fairly, rewarded, corrected, and reprimanded for their behaviors; programs can vary from the whole group to individual. Classroom behavior systems are used in all sorts of classroom settings, including general education, inclusion, resource, and self-contained. All students have behaviors that must be corrected or rewarded, and it is the teachers' job to ensure they are being addressed. Teachers already have a plethora of responsibilities in the classroom, and behavior is one of the leading causes for the teacher to leave the profession. Studies have shown that these systems work, but due to all the other responsibilities teachers hold, at times, the behavior is not prioritized in the classroom.

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