Social-Emotional Learning and Interventions Among Students with Disabilities: A Literature Review

By Keishla Pesantes

This issue of NASET’s Classroom Management series was written by Keishla Pesantes, and focuses on a literature review of social-emotional learning and interventions among students with disabilities. Students with varying disabilities are at an increased chance of developing social-emotional rooted issues when compared to non-disabled peers. Identifying positive social emotional interventions for students with disabilities ensures a positive expansion in self-determination, self- advocacy, and problem-solving skills.  In this literature review, the articles assessed reflect the impact of specific evidence-based interventions on the social- emotional learning (SEL) of students with disabilities studied within the last few years (2018-2023). These articles represent common themes on interpersonal relationships and the key in structured routines for this population of students to improve in their social- emotional skills.

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