Increasing Parent Involvement of Parents of Students with Disabilities through Collaboration

By Coral Saban

This issue ofNASET’s Classroom Management series was written by Coral Saban. Parent involvement has been proven by countless studies to have significant ramification on the academic success of students. In special education, parent involvement is especially critical to ensure that the needs of the students are being met. Nonetheless, increasing parent involvement is a difficult obstacle for schools to overcome. Parent involvement is often challenged by language barriers, diverse cultural backgrounds, various socioeconomic factors, and an overwhelmingly amount of information that must be shared. Schools and educators could overcome these hurdles by establishing a steady stream of communication through continuous parent-teacher collaboration. Initiating school-wide collaborative activities such as providing parents with opportunities to volunteer in classrooms, offering teacher-led trainings to parents, and publishing multilingual newsletters are some of the ways to increase parent involvement through parent-teacher collaboration.

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