Series VII

Adapting Curriculum for Students with Special Needs

Series VII of Classroom Management is titled Adapting Curriculum for Students with Special Needs.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when working with student with special needs is that they can learn. In many cases, it is not the lack of understanding or knowledge that causes problems but rather the manner of presentation, response requirements, and level of presentation. The need to learn how to adapt material is crucial when working with this population. These adaptations offer them a better chance of success and task completion.

The topics that will be covered in this series will include the following:

  • Part I - What are Curriculum Adaptations?
  • Part II - Nine Ways to Adapt Instruction
  • Part III -Checklist of Suggestions for Adapting the Curriculum
  • Part IV -Strategies for Adapting Tests and Quizzes
  • Part V -Adapting Response Mode
  • Part VI-Working with the Child with a Learning Disability in the Classroom
  • Part VII-Working with the Child with an Emotional Disturbance in the Classroom
  • Part IX-Adapting Grading Systems

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