Series I - Step-By-Step Guide- Part X

Developing Educational Treatment Plans for your Students

One of the most important approaches to the education of students with special needs is to develop a practical, worthwhile and sound educational treatment plan. Treatment plans are used in many other professions and represent a total plan for an individual which heightens the success rate of the goals in the plan. For instance, in the medical field this treatment plan usually involves several different personnel; social worker, psychologist, and psychiatrist. In the educational field this usually only involves the teacher and the student and leaves out a very crucial part of the child’s chances for success in school, namely the parent. An educational treatment plan that involves the school, the child, and the parent will have the greatest chance of helping the student succeed in school.

Part X of the Classroom Management Series I provides practical means to develop a sucessful treatment plan. NASET Members login below to access Part X.

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