Issue # 9 - RTI Roundtable

RTI Models in Special Education

“This issue of the RTI Roundtable provides answers to the following questions:

  • Why is Special Education an Integral Step in a Multitiered Model Such as RTI?

  • How Does Special Education Fit Within an RTI Model?

  • When Should a School District Initiate a Special Education Referral in a RTI System?

  • If a Student is Determined Not Eligible for Special Education Services, How Long May That Student Continue to Receive the Intensive Interventions Provided at Tier III?

  • How Might Specially Designed Instruction (SDI) Differ From the Tier III Interventions a Student May Have Been Receiving Prior to Qualifying for Special Education Services?

  • Can a School District use RTI Data to Support the Decision That a Student Has a Disability in a Special Education Disability Category Other Than SLD?

  • How Will Use of the RTI Process Affect Special Education Referrals?

  • What Changes Are Needed in Special Education to Staff Roles, Responsibilities, and School Structures?


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