Issue # 3 - RTI Roundtable

Questions answered in this month's issue:

How Does IDEA 2004 Define a Specific Learning Disability?

How Have Children Been Identified Under the Category of Specific Learning Disabilities?

What Events Led to Changes in LD Identification in IDEA 2004?

Why Replace the Discrepancy Model with RTI?

What are Major Issues Related to the Use of the Concept of Achievement-Ability Discrepancy? Why Change?

Why was RTI Considered in the Process of SLD Determination?

Today, What Role Should RTI Play in the Identification of Children with a Specific Learning Disability?

Can RTI Be Used as the Sole Determinant for SLD Classification?

Are There Other Indicators of LD That are More Valid and Reliable?

If Authorities Believe Underlying Processing Disorders are the Cause of Learning Disabilities, Why Doesn’t IDEA 2004 Include a Model Based on Measuring Processing Problems?

In the Big Picture, How Does RTI Fit Into the Determination of LD Process?

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