Issue # 2 - RTI Roundtable

Questions answered in this month's issue:

When Did RTI Become “Law”?

Why Was There A Movement Towards Change Towards RTI?

What is a Tiered Service Delivery Model?

What is the Three-Tier model?

What is the Focus of Tier 1?

What is the Focus of Tier II?

What is the Focus of Tier III?

Is RTI Just Applicable to Special Education?

What are Some Conditions and Activities of RTI?

Is There Federal Funding to Support RTI Related Activities?

Does RTI Address Challenging Behavior?

Does a School District’s “Child Find” Obligations Change within RTI Systems?

Is Parent Involvement and Important Component for Successful RTI Programs?

Can RTI Promote Optimal Learning?

What is Fidelity?

Does Implementation of RTI Methods Require a Serious Commitment?

What Does the RTI Process Mean for Teachers?

What Do Teachers Need in Terms of Professional Development and RTI?

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