How Parents Can Improve Study Skills at Home

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How Parents Can Improve Study Skills at Home

Many children experience difficulty in school because they have weak study skills. This handout suggests various strategies which promote efficient study habits and thereby enhance a child's chance for academic success.

When you have decided which strategies might be beneficial, introduce one at a time as a helpful hint or in a game format.  Some of these activities will be used on a trial and error basis.  Be flexible in following each strategy. If it works, that's great!  If not, abandon it.

It is important to keep in mind that not every strategy will work with every child.  Success will depend upon the child's individual learning style and needs, motivation, and willingness to accept parental guidance. At all times, your relationship with your child is of primary importance. It should be relaxed and stress free.  Offer praise and encouragement frequently.  If implementation of any of these strategies creates anxiety or resentment (on the part of either parent or child), it is advisable to discontinue.

Although many of the following suggestions may be applicable, this handout is not intended as a solution for children who have severe learning problems.

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