Getting Ready for Healthcare at the Age of Majority


This Parent Teacher Conference Handout covers:

Getting Ready for Healthcare at the Age of Majority

When young people with disabilities reach the “age of majority,” they gain the right to manage their own affairs, including choosing their own doctor and seeing to their own healthcare needs. In most states, this happens at age 18. Legally considered as adults, they may take charge of healthcare decisions large and small. But will they be ready to make such decisions for themselves? Will they have the skills and basic information they need? This issue of NASET’s Parent Teacher Conference Handout is from the National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center (NSTTAC) and National Post-School Outcomes Center (NPSO) in collaboration with the Center for Parent Information and Resources and considers steps that parents and others (such as teachers or transition specialists) can take to help their teenager with disabilities learn what’s involved in taking care of one’s own health and healthcare as an adult.

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