Characteristics Checklist for Gifted Children


There may be times when parents ask about the possibility of their child with a learning disability or emotional disability also possibly being gifted. While this is certainly possible, providing information to the parent may clarify the characteristics of children who are deemed gifted.

Often the earliest  identification of gifted children takes place by simple observation of the child's behavior by an educational professional, a parent or friend. Far from undermined by being subjective, identification by characteristic traits is generally accurate, and is less intrusive or conspicuous than other methods. It also readily allows types of giftedness to be detected, and is often valuably used with young children. Nonetheless subjective elements are certainly involved particularly in comparisons with other children of the same age.

This issue of the Parent Teacher Conference Handout provides lists that were adapted from various sources. Note it is not expected that any gifted child will show all the traits listed in any section.

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