Issue # 19 - RTI Roundtable

RTI Roundtable - Issue #19


This issue of NASET’s RTI Roundtable was written by Christine J. Briggs, Ph.D & Donna E. Wadsworth, Ph.D. Many students receive Response to Intervention (RtI) services during the regular school day in order to scaffold their learning and determine if additional, more intense interventions will be needed. The goal for RtI is to determine if instructional support can be delivered within a classroom setting before a student is considered for special education services. Many schools schedule an RtI time within the school day when all students receive support at a specific time. But to what extent do all of the stakeholders hold a shared understanding of what is RtI and its purpose? This study examined administrators, traditional teachers, teachers of the gifted and special education teachers’ understandings of RtI, a Likert scale instrument with one open-ended question was administered to the participants to learn what is currently understood about RtI. Data was analyzed to determine frequency of responses and themes of understanding about RtI.

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