IEP Components - The IEP Meetings: Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Parents Experiences and Perceptions

This issue of NASET’s IEP Components Series was written by Lydia K. Mallah. Parents' involvement in their children's education is paramount to their children's successful learning and behavior outcomes in schools. As the school-age population continues to grow with students from diverse races and ethnicities, parents face the challenge of smoothly collaborating with schools and teachers to support their children. The CLD families of children with disabilities who are served with IEPs under the IDEA face more barriers and feel marginalized in implementing their legal rights in IEP meetings where decisions are made about their children with disabilities education or behavioral support. This review presents current trends in the growing population of various races and ethnicities and impacts on education, CLD families' experiences in IEP meetings, challenges, and recommendations that teachers can use to improve their collaboration with families and their experiences and participation in the IEP process.

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