Part #12- From Tourette's to ADHD and Everything In-Between: Just the Motivation I Needed to Teach Special Education, By Danielle Hird



Written by Danielle Hird, this issue of NASET’s ADHD series tells the story of a young woman who is living her life with Tourette’s Syndrome, ADHD, and some possible learning disabilities who was unable to receive special education services due to the negative social stigmas of special education. She tells how she graduated from high school with a perfect GPA but with poor learning, reading, and comprehension skills and went on to college wondering why she performed poorly. After officially being diagnosed with ADHD and telling herself she could not get through graduate school, she changed her outlook. She is now more motivated than ever to pursue a degree in special education, to rid the negative stereotypes of being a student with special needs, and encourage students to follow their dreams.

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