Videos to Who are the Children in Special Education?


Videos for Special Educators

  • Disability Awareness Video: This video uses humorous vignettes to teach about disability awareness. With over 53 million Americans having a disability, large corporations as well as small companies use this outstanding video to train employees, improve customer service and avoid losing talented employees due to ignorance or awkwardness. Human service agencies get "double duty" from this program when they utilize it to train their own staff and the community about disability etiquette.

Visual Impairments

Vocational Assessment Guide for Teachers and Parents


  • What is a School Voucher - A voucher allows parents to use public funds to pay for some or all of their child's private school tuition. Vouchers are created and distributed by state governments, in most cases. The first voucher program, created in 1991 in Milwaukee, WI, was designed to give low-income families more high-quality school options.


Who are the Children in Special Education?

Who’s Teaching Our Children with Disabilities?