Quick Reference Guide to NASET Website Content




The National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET) is a national professional membership organization providing the most comprehensive resources for special educators in the country. This is not just an information website. NASET offers a vast array of resources and e-Publications that are organized and written by special education professionals, for special educators. From the latest research based articles to tried and true classroom applications that work, NASET gives its members vital information for working with students, parents and staff. Take a moment to review the brief descriptions for each website section and then click on the links for more detailed information to explore how much is available to NASET members:

Professional Development Courses (free to you as a  member):  50 courses on topics from Alternate Testing Modifications to Visual Impairments. Each course equates to one hour of study for review and testing. Successfully completing a test allows you to print a personalized certificate of completion. For more information - Click Here (http://www.naset.org/2894.0.html)

Resources for Special Education Teachers: The largest collection of special education resources and information available on the internet. Under each topic heading are brief content abstracts and links to NASET content and external websites.  Well organized and easy to use, this area of NASET is an invaluable tool for research for special education professionals.  For more information - Click Here (http://www.naset.org/resources4specialed01.0.html)

Exceptional Students and Disability Information: Organized by disability, each disability section provides information through internal and external links organized by topics about the specific disability from Accommodations and Modifications to Transition Services.  For more information - Click Here (http://www.naset.org/exceptionalstudents2.0.html)

IEP Development: In addition to multiple resources available within our resources areas, the IEP Development section provides a large number of Goals and Objectives for IEP development.  With the accompanying Activities listing, members have access to a useful tool for developing a curriculum or an IEP. For more information - Click Here (http://www.naset.org/2445.0.html)

Week in Review: A weekly emailed (also available online) newsletter containing links to the latest e-publications available on NASET and the latest news in special education from around the world. For more information - Click Here (http://www.naset.org/2552.0.html)

NASET e-Publications: Electronic publications available online and archived for downloading.  From journals to limited run series, NASET members have access to useful and practical publications to the latest in special education research through the peer reviewed journal JAASEP. The following is a list of both present and archived e-publications:

  • ADHD Series
  • Assessment in Special Education Series
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders Series
  • Back to School - Special Review
  • Bullying of Children
  • Classroom Management Series
  • Discipline of Students in Special Education Series
  • Early Intervention Series
  • Genetics in Special Education Series
  • How To Series
  • Inclusion Series
  • IEP Components
  • JAASEP - Research Based Journal in Special Education
  • LD Report
  • Lesser Known Disorders in Special Education Series
  • NASET Q & A Corner
  • Parent Teacher Conference Handouts
  • The Practical Teacher
  • Resolving Disputes with Parents Series
  • Resource Review
  • RTI Roundtable
  • Severe Disabilities Series
  • Special Educator e-Journal - Latest and Archived Issues
  • Week in Review
  • Working with Paraprofessionals in Your School
  • and more to come....

To learn more about each of these e-publications - Click Here (http://www.naset.org/publications.0.html)

Special Education Power Point Presentations: From topics like assessment in special education to traumatic brain injury, NASET members may access and download these valuable presentations. Useful for both training and topic review, the Power Point library available to NASET members, provides teachers. administrators, and directors a powerful educational tool. For more information - Click Here (http://www.naset.org/750.0.html)

The Special Educator’s List of 100 Forms, Tables, Checklists, and Procedures: This section provides NASET members with a comprehensive resource of materials that can be accessed and downloaded for practical everyday issues faced by special educators.  For more information - Click Here (http://www.naset.org/2512.0.html)


Special Education and the Law: From ADA to the US Department of Education, the NASET website provides all members with an extensive and comprehensive listing that covers the most up-to-date information on special education and the law. For more information - Click Here (http://www.naset.org/specialedlaw01.0.html)


In addition to constantly adding to the above areas , other significant portions of the website include the following:

  • Awards for the Special Education Community - Click Here
  • Audio Lectures - Click Here
  • Career Center and Job Listings - Click Here
  • Educational Publications and Reports on the Web - Click Here
  • Special Education Conferences, Events and Workshops Listing - Click Here
  • Literacy - Teaching Literacy in English to K-5 English Learners - Click Here
  • Member's Research Department
  • Reference Library - Click Here
  • Teacher to Teacher Forum - Click Here
  • Transition Services - Click Here


Here's what members have to say about NASET:

"I cannot thank you enough for your tip sheets, guides and basic information. Everything is extremely useful, practical and brief. I work with new special ed teachers and your information has been at the top of my request list!"

"The organization provides me with resources, conveniently located and easily accessible, on the wide variety of issues I have to deal with on a daily basis.  The updates on current research are invaluable."

"I wish I had known about this when I started teaching Resource/lifeskills. What a wonderful site and professional association."

"The articles are very informative. I feel a part of a larger community having NASET"

"I just wanted to tell you how very much I enjoy this organization. The wealth of information is incredible and so valuable. I am planning on taking the courses for board certification soon, and I am looking forward to it. Thank you for all you do to educate and inspire."

"I appreciate having access to the various resources provided by NASET membership, as well as having an organization that can address specific questions and/or concerns involving special education."

"NASET provides information that keeps me up-to-date on special education issues."

"I would renew immediately so as not to miss a thing.  The dues are very affordable, not like CEC, which I am also a member of.  I get more from NASET than I do CEC for less than 1/2 the money.  Thanks"

"I love the website, and have highly recommended it to my colleagues.  I frequently use the information in the handouts for the general education staff who are struggling with student behaviors, and even gave one on managing bus behavior to our transportation supervisor.  Please keep up the good work!"

"Wonderful and practical information that I could use as I work with people with differences."

"It keeps me informed about what's happening in my field.  I also like that it reports what the research is showing."

"Up to date, easy to read professional information in many areas,  regarding my profession."

"I am getting everything I need. NASET supplies me with more than enough information for which I am very glad I joined. I am often supplying other teachers with recommendations about classroom problems and am recommending NASET to them."

"NASET has been very instrumental in providing current and constructive information that relate to Special Education. Articles on instructional strategies / classroom management and or parent conferences were very carefully written."

"I am finding that becoming a member of NASET has allowed me an opportunity to receive information about our profession.  I didn't think there was a professional organization for Special Education teachers until I searched the Internet and found this one."

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