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Here's what our members have to say about NASET:

"Definite advice from 30 year teacher of special ed of which I spent 14 yr. in public school (self contained and resource classrooms -- back in the day before we tried to squeeze all of them into mainstream classrooms!) Look up National Asso. of Special Education Teachers ( They have the most amazing and high-qualify professional resources anywhere! I would give anything to have had access to all their practical, yet well researched advice articles while in the classroom before I retired early due to the stresses of the job! They will have ideas for all your questions, and they are very affordable. It's worth 10x what it will cost you! I promise!"

"I just wanted to tell you how very much I enjoy this organization. The wealth of information is incredible and so valuable. I am planning on taking the courses for board certification soon, and I am looking forward to it. Thank you for all you do to educate and inspire."

"I appreciate having access to the various resources provided by NASET membership, as well as having an organization that can address specific questions and/or concerns involving special education."

"NASET provides information that keeps me up-to-date on special education issues."

"I would renew immediately so as not to miss a thing.  The dues are very affordable, not like CEC, which I am also a member of.  I get more from NASET than I do CEC for less than 1/2 the money.  Thanks"

"The organization provides me with resources, conveniently located and easily accessible, on the wide variety of issues I have to deal with on a daily basis.  The updates on current research are invaluable."

"I love the website, and have highly recommended it to my colleagues.  I frequently use the information in the handouts for the general education staff who are struggling with student behaviors, and even gave one on managing bus behavior to our transportation supervisor.  Please keep up the good work!"

"Wonderful and practical information that I could use as I work with people with differences."

"It keeps me informed about what's happening in my field.  I also like that it reports what the research is showing."

"The articles are very informative. I feel a part of a larger community having NASET"

"Up to date, easy to read professional information in many areas,  regarding my profession."

"I am getting everything I need. NASET supplies me with more than enough information for which I am very glad I joined. I am often supplying other teachers with recommendations about classroom problems and am recommending NASET to them."

"The articles have proved helpful in both my roles as an RTI teacher and as a professor."

"NASET has been very instrumental in providing current and constructive information that relate to Special Education. Articles on instructional strategies / classroom management and or parent conferences were very carefully written."

"I am finding that becoming a member of NASET has allowed me an opportunity to receive information about our profession.  I didn't think there was a professional organization for Special Education teachers until I searched the Internet and found this one."

"I wish I had known about this when I started teaching Resource/lifskills. What a wonderful site and professional association."

"I cannot thank you enough for your tip sheets, guides and basic information. Everything is extremely useful, practical and brief. I work with new special ed teachers and your information has been at the top of my request list!"

"I like the features like Q&A, RTI Roundtable, Behavior Management Series very much. Please continue."

"I have found a great deal of information and research that I have used for training my staff.  The easy access to this information makes my job alot easier."

".. and before I say anything further, can I just say what an assett it is to be a member as a Learning Support teacher - even though I'm over at the other 'side of the pond!' - in Ireland!"

"I am a student with just two courses and student teaching left before licensure.  I love the NASET webpage, which I find both informative and approachable.  Reading the articles is helping me to approach special education more as a professional than a student."

"I do want to just say I am a fairly new member of NASET and I am impressed and proud to be a member of an organization that is of the caliber of this organization.  Each time I have a question I get a response in short order and it is always helpful  Thanks so much."

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